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Use JavaScript to test file uploads before the client sends the POST request


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If a user tries to upload a *.tif file or other unsupported format, the file is posted and then rejected.

Would is save time and server load to reject the file with a javascript regular expression before the upload begins?
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Summary: Use Javascript to test file uploads before the client sends the POST request → Use JavaScript to test file uploads before the client sends the POST request
Sounds like a good idea. Can we test the file size too? Probably.
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Checks for proper file name extension and checks file size (gecko only. If you know of a webkit/trident method, I'd love to hear it!).
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Looks pretty good, though:

>+// Returns the largest file you can upload to the server, in bytes.
>+function getMaxFileSize() {
>+    $size = ini_get('upload_max_filesize');
>+    switch (substr($size, -1)) {
>+        case 'M' :
>+            return (int)$size * 1024;
>+        default :
>+            return $size; // assume bytes
>+    }

wouldn't M be $size * 1024 * 1024?
Trident can apparently use ActiveX for this purpose, though I am not sure we want this:

In fact, I'd vote for "no". We decided once upon a time to ask for Gecko+JavaScript in the Dev CP, and try to degrade gracefully where reasonable. Not checking file sizes pre-upload for IE users seems graceful enough to me.
Thanks Wenzel. You are right, it is 1024 * 1024.

I didn't know about the ActiveX method for IE, but for some reason I was surprised. But I agree; dealing with it on the server side is graceful enough for IE, or any other browsers for that matter.
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v2. now more right

I tried it and it wfm, good job.
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Thanks everyone.  r49610
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Can we apply this to the profile user page where a user image is uploaded?  (Since that is what I meant to have this apply to and just didn't make it clear ;) ).  Thank you though for fixing it on the developer page, since I didn't catch it there.
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I'd like QA to check this for 5.0.9 so I'm re-resolving this bug.  Tanner, can you file another bug and put it in the 5.1 milestone for our next push?  (If you can't do the milestone I can after you file).  Thanks.
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Filed Bug 511932 and set milestone to 5.1.
Verified FIXED; I tried .tif, .doc, .ppt, .gif, .jpeg, .png.
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