Object-Signing Crashes NS 4.7



18 years ago
18 years ago


(Reporter: ChadSnyder2000, Assigned: bugz)


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18 years ago
Common Name:  CompuServe Interactive Services Inc.
Signing Type:  NS Object Signing;  Class 3 Developer Certificate 

An existing Object Signing Certificate was renewed, and renewed certificate was 
installed on NS Communicator 4.7.  Use of "signtool -l -k" shows that 
certificate is valid until 8/17/2001.  Certificate was then used to sign a jar 
file.  Verification of the object signing was performed using "signtool -v 
blah.jar" and then again with "signtool -w blah.jar".  The first method 
indicated a successful signing and the second stated that file was signed with 
a valid certificate.  

After the file was signed and verified, it was placed on a web page for 
testing.  When the "security rights" grant prompt is received, the company name 
is blank.  Clicking on the "Certificate" button displays a valid certificate 
for our company.   This was tested using NS Communicator 4.70.

It is strange that some versions of Netscape Communicator 4.5 will display the 
name, while other versions (4.70 and later) do not.  Is this a known problem?  
I have included a screen shot of the problem.  Any help you can offer is 
greatly appreciated.

Comment 1

18 years ago
Hi Chad, thanks for taking the time to file
a bug report.  The bug summary says "Object-Signing
Crashes NS 4.7" but the bug description has no mention
of a crash.  Did NS 4.7 crash or did it not display the
company name?

Note that Bugzilla is for bugs in the open source projects
hosted on mozilla.org.  So we may ask you to submit a bug
report to Netscape against NS 4.7.

Ian, could you take a look at this bug and add some comments?
Assignee: wtc → mcgreer

Comment 2

18 years ago
This sounds to me like a bug in 4.7, or a problem with the construction of the
cert.  I haven't encountered it before.  I'll try it out, but my guess is that
it's a communicator issue.
This bug says the product is NSS, but it appears to actually be 
Communicator 4.x.
Is it appropriate for Communicator 4.x bugs to be filed in bugzilla?
(I think not.)

Comment 4

18 years ago
Resolved the bug "invalid".  Communicator bugs
should not be filed in Bugzilla.
Last Resolved: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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