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AsyncExecuteStatements assumes ms, but calls functions that assume microseconds


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AsyncExecuteStatements assumes ms, but calls functions that assume microseconds.  Oops.
Blocks: 504384
While I was investigating flickering for bug 504384, I noticed handleResult always getting called with 1 result. So async execute was thinking it ran out of time 1000 times too early and gave the 1 (first) result immediately when it "finally" came in.
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Updated us to the new TimeStamp API as well.  Also reduced the wait to 75ms from 100ms to allow more time for stuff to process results.  We should almost always hit the limit of 15 anyway (for efficient queries).
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Would you be cool with spinning off a bug to fix the microsecond/millisecond glitch on 1.9.1?
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I'll generate the 1.9.1 patch now.
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1.9.1 branch patch
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branch v1.0

Thanks!  Verified it passes the 1.9.1 storage tests and our thunderbird gloda async-using tests.  (Not that I had doubts, but approval-ers like tests I suspect.)
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Closed: 12 years ago
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Drivers: Having this patch on 1.9.1 would significantly help performance of Thunderbird's gloda.
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branch v1.0

Approved for a=ss for release-drivers
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Verified for by checking the code.
Keywords: verified1.9.1
Strange; this doesn't build for me because the Time* functions aren't in dlldeps.cpp, so they don't end up in xpcom_core.lib/dll...
Depends on: 560715
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