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18 years ago
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18 years ago
i get tired of having to move processmail out of the way everytime i want to 
check in a change. there should be a parameter for the sendmail deferred mode so 
that it can be easily toggled on or off without having to touch and modify local 
copies of processmail.

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18 years ago
checked in enhancement, there is now a sendmailnow parameter which toggles 
whether we send in deferred mode or not. default is OFF (send in deferred mode)

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This patch doesn't work in perl 5.6.  It now queues everything, regardless of 
the param.  For some reason having the 'my' in front of the $sendmailparam 
inside the if() block makes it fail to assign, since you already declared it as 
a 'my' var two lines above.

I just checked in a patch to it.  Removing the 'my' from in front of the 
variables inside the if() blocks fixed it.
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Comment 4

18 years ago
The problem has to do with Perl scoping...the my keyword in the if statement 
effectively makes it a seperate instance of that variable, so it never gets set 
to null since it gets the original value back when it leaves the if statement.

I tested this as best as I could, that's what I get for testing a single bug on 
a fast unloaded machine. (It looked like an immediate send, honestly it did!)

Thanks for the catch and the fix.
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