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currently it seems we have as requirement for the Website section of the bookmarks page a, because just is marked as error (see screenshot).

Maybe we should also allow or we give a more detailed error or requirement text for the Website section, since the error is not so obvious.

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9 years ago
I think we shouldn't do error checking here, or if we do, just the most basic -- there may be a lot of things someone might want to add as a bookmark - I could even foresee someone wanting to ship a bookmarklet with their browser, for example -- so maybe this area could be set up more as a "this gun is loaded, don't shoot yourself"?

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9 years ago
I'd like to ensure that anything we add is an http URI. I _don't_ want people to ship bookmarklets (assuming you mean js), as I believe they run as trusted in the browser so could be an attack vector. So long as it's a full http:// URI, I don't think anything else is needed as we'll be reviewing the bookmarks in place.

The better help text is coming shortly, just finishing the doc up.
Added error messages for bookmarks in r48539

Might be too much info when there are lots of problems, but not sure how better to handle that.  Leaving this bug open pending any changes to the error message text I threw in there.
Closing this bug - feel free to reopen or file a new one with changes to error text.
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