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fennec.exe crashes while trying to run mochitest


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Windows Mobile 6 Professional
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I have ran into an issue where fennec.exe is crashing when loading a mochitest webpage.  I can run a single mochitest .html file and it works as expected.  I can run a directory of mochitest test files and it will load up (not run).  But if I try to create my own master mochitest file, it fails miserably.  I put a debug build on with symbols (which I used to get info for other crashes from July 27), and it returned no information.

Here is what I see in the visual studio debugger:
AKY=01000001 PC=00a72bb0(fennec.exe+0x00a62bb0) RA=00a72ae0(fennec.exe+0x00a62ae0) BVA=cdcdcdd1 FSR=00000001
Unhandled exception at 0x00a72bb0 in fennec.exe: 0x80000002: Datatype misalignment.

attached is a .html file that I have been using to crash.
I have done some more digging into this and it appears that when calling the <script src="/MochiKit/packed.js"> in the referenced iframe src file, that causes the crash.  I can load the rest of the test file successfully inside the iframe.

This is frustrating as I know the packed.js will load and run just fine if I call the test file directory, but it fails when loaded inside the iframe.  If I use the file:///<path>/ to load the harness and test file, I don't get the error.

Since I am running this on a remote server, this also questions the stability of running mochitests on a remote web server vs localhost.  On a desktop build of fennec I was able to run many tests (so far 2189 dom tests) using the remote server.

I looked into reducing packed.js (which is a 6000+ line file of what appears to be generated .js code) and that is just scary.  Maybe somebody has an idea of how to debug why loading the packed.js script inside an iframe src document is failing on windows mobile.
Marking blocking fennec -? as this is blocking our ability to get mochitests running for windows mobile (and by all indications) windows CE as well.  

If all goes well, I will be attempting this on a windows ce machine later today and will likely have the crash repo'd in house.

We need this addressed as soon as possible.  Let us know what else we can do to help out in providing more information.
tracking-fennec: --- → ?
Need to use a debug build (--enable-debug, not just with symbols) and attach a stack trace, as well as the last few lines of output.
I have a debug build, it gets me in the debugger for other crashes and I can step through line by line.  For this specific crash it is only offering up disassembly.  Maybe ctalbert can have better luck on the tegra device.
Copy and paste a few dozen lines of disassembly around the crashing instruction, as well as all the register values.. that should be enough to figure out what's going on.
R0 = 0x00b731cc R1 = 0x00000002 R2 = 0xfffffffc 
R3 = 0x00000000 R4 = 0x33bbcb34 R5 = 0x33bbec34 
R6 = 0x33bbcc34 R7 = 0x33bbbaa8 R8 = 0x00000001 
R9 = 0x33bbcc74 R10 = 0x00000001 R11 = 0x33bbba84 
R12 = 0x00c21240 Sp = 0x33bbba68 Lr = 0x00b82ae0 
Pc = 0x00b82bb0 Psr = 0x60000010 

00B82AE8  ldr         r0, [r11, #-8] 
00B82AEC  tst         r8, r8 
00B82AF0  beq         01057538 
00B82AF4  str         r8, [r9, #0x18] 
00B82AF8  str         r8, [r9, #-0x20] 
00B82AFC  str         r10, [r9, #0x20] 
00B82B00  ldr         r8, [r8, #4] 
00B82B04  mvn         r2, #3 
00B82B08  str         r2, [r11, #-0x14] 
00B82B0C  and         r8, r8, r2 
00B82B10  ldr         r12, [pc, #-0xAB0] 
00B82B14  cmp         r8, r12 
00B82B18  bne         0105754C 
00B82B1C  ldr         r2, [pc, #-0xAC0] 
00B82B20  movs        r1, #1 
00B82B24  mul         r8, r1, r8 
00B82B28  adds        r8, r8, r2 
00B82B2C  ldrb        r8, [r8] 
00B82B30  tst         r8, r8 
00B82B34  bne         01057560 
00B82B38  movs        r8, #2 
00B82B3C  str         r8, [r11, #-8] 
00B82B40  cmp         r10, #2 
00B82B44  bcs         01057574 
00B82B48  mvn         r2, #0x2F 
00B82B4C  adds        r8, r9, r2 
00B82B50  movs        r1, #8 
00B82B54  mul         r2, r1, r2 
00B82B58  adds        r8, r8, r2 
00B82B5C  ldr         r8, [r8] 
00B82B60  str         r8, [r9, #0x18] 
00B82B64  mvn         r2, #1 
00B82B68  ldr         r1, [r0, #0x10] 
00B82B6C  and         r1, r1, r2 
00B82B70  ldr         r2, [r11, #-0x14] 
00B82B74  ldr         r12, [pc, #-0xB1C] 
00B82B78  cmp         r1, r12 
00B82B7C  ldr         r1, [r11, #-8] 
00B82B80  bne         01057588 
00B82B84  ldr         r0, [r0, #0xC] 
00B82B88  ldr         r12, [pc, #-0xB34] 
00B82B8C  cmp         r0, r12 
00B82B90  bne         0105759C 
00B82B94  ldr         r0, [pc, #-0xB44] 
00B82B98  str         r0, [r4] 
00B82B9C  str         r1, [r9, #0x30] 
00B82BA0  str         r1, [r9, #0x38] 
00B82BA4  str         r3, [r9, #0x28] 
00B82BA8  str         r3, [r9, #0x20] 
00B82BAC  str         r8, [r9, #0x40] 
*00B82BB0  ldr         r3, [r8, #4] 
00B82BB4  and         r3, r3, r2 
00B82BB8  ldr         r12, [pc, #-0xB6C] 
00B82BBC  cmp         r3, r12 
00B82BC0  bne         010575B0 
00B82BC4  ldr         r8, [r8, #0x10] 
00B82BC8  str         r8, [r9, #0x30] 
00B82BCC  ldr         r3, [pc, #-0xB84] 
00B82BD0  str         r3, [r9, #0x40] 
00B82BD4  str         r3, [r9, #0x48]
Blocks: 491903
Depends on: 504932
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Joel, does this still crash?
I honestly haven't tried this since I moved to testing one file at a time.  There are some crashes to debug for mochitest and fennec on winmo.  I will give this a try and see if it still crashes.
this is not a problem on the Oct 29 1.9.2 nightly build.  If I do run into any issues related to this, it will be specific to a single test vs the 5 or 6 folders I tried before and kept running into the same crash.
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