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nsIMIMEService.getTypeFromExtension fails to find a match in the "ext-to-type-mapping" category if the provided extension is not lowercase


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The "ext-to-type-mapping" category, introduced in bug 231886, is meant to
contain a set of lowercase file extensions that are checked as a last resort
when trying to determine the MIME type of a file based on its extension:

At present, however, the check in nsIMIMEService.getTypeFromExtension is
case-sensitive and fails to find a match in the "ext-to-type-mapping"
category if the extension provided in the argument is not lowercase.

In practice, this means that any Mozilla extension that relies on the
"ext-to-type-mapping" would fail to open local files if their file extension
is not lowercase. For example, Mozilla Archive Format can currently open
"Example.mht" but not "Example.MHT", unless the MIME type is already
registered in the operating system.
Attached patch Patch and test case (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Here is the fix and the test case. Christian, would you like do a first
review, since you wrote the original code?

With this patch, the behavior for the "ext-to-type-mapping" is now to treat
file extensions case-insensitively on all platforms. I think this is the
appropriate behavior even for Unix-like platforms, since this will allow,
for example, a Mozilla extension on Linux to open a file with an uppercase
extension, published by a Windows user on a network share.
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Wow, exceptionally fast review and checkin! :-)
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Patch and test case

This simple fix is relevant for extensions running on current versions of Firefox and other products.
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(In reply to comment #5)
> the test contains a typo. see
> for the fix.

I'm sorry. I always run tests with and without the fix to ensure that they
work, but this time it's possible that I erroneously saw a "TEST-PASS" for
an unrelated test and overlooked the "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL".
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Patch and test case

Do not want for 3.0.x.

Approved for, a=dveditz for release-drivers
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Verified for using the checked in testcase.
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