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Coming from Jens Müller in bug 474523 comment 38 is a suggestion for a "recently filed" saved search.

I think this an awesome idea for a default saved search that could be included in Thunderbird, especially with our new Archive implementation.  I'm not sure what the exact parameters of the search should be but a "recent" list of archived or filed messages would be a helpful bucket for people to look in.
Umm ...

My comment was not about another saved search, it was about a working list of folders where messages where recently files ("recently filed to", not "recently filed").

Such bugs already exist, cf. bug 431256 and bug 370324. I'm pleased to see that they now have at least been nominated as wanted-thunderbird3 ...

But this enhancement might also be useful, agreed. But it's your idea, :clarkbw :-)
Adding this to the possible add-on ideas for the 3.0 - 3.1 time frame.
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(not only that .... not a bug)
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