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Simplify top of main tinderboxes


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Now Committing Rules and Responsibilities is at v1:
we should try and fix, consolidate and update the information at the top of all the main tinderboxes to eliminate redundancy, and use external sources of information like this one.

The ideal would be if at the top of each tinderbox there was only:

1) A link to CR&R
2) A link to the tree-specific rules for that tree on a wiki somewhere
3) Details of how to contact the sheriff

This means e.g. removing the "Checkin Rules" sidebar, and a lot of the text at the top of each tinderbox. This is actually good, because it means that people will not end up reading the same information 5 times. Perhaps it could be replaced with the links to all the relevant Bugzilla queries for that tree.


agree that current pages are cluttered and distracting.
Not sure that going as far as just links is good.
One school of thought is that a few basic rules should be right there on the page, visible without having to leave the page.

It's not as black and white a solution i know, but stuff that lives on another page will be seen by only a small fraction of people
In practice, last minute changes only live on tinderbox currently.

I don't see a good reason to try to move them elsewhere (except TinderboxPushlog  if it effectively replaces tinderbox as Jesse says)

More permanent per branch rules are on and there is room for this more general Committing Rules and Responsibilities document. is effectively the set of rules that applies to all branches.  But I guess it would be more clear if those rules were merged into the better-named
The trunk tinderbox is now pretty much there, and the 3.6 one (although it still says "trunk" at the top!) is good except that it doesn't yet link to Committing_Rules_and_Responsibilities.

This is now OK.

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