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`localStorage.clear()` doesn't actually delete its properties


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`localStorage` supports short accessor notation (as an alternative to `getItem`/`setItem`): = 'bar';; // 'bar'

It also supports `clear()` method, which as per current "Web Storage" specs draft (

"... must atomically cause the list associated with the object to be emptied of all key/value pairs, if there are any. If there are none, then the method must do nothing."

What looks like a bug is that even after `clear()`, keys are still "present" in `localStorage`: = 'bar';
'foo' in localStorage; // true

Is this an expected behavior? 

Note that the last statement returns `false` in at least WebKit and IE8 (and allows to check for presence of a value without resorting to a more verbose - `getItem(key) !== null`).

Thank you.

Reproducible: Always
The spec also says "The names of the supported named properties on a Storage  object are the keys of each key/value pair currently present in the list associated with the object.", so this looks like a bug.

See the URL field for testcase.

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From jst on IRC: "I think that'd be a matter of finding the XPConnect wrapper for the localStorage object when calling clear, and calling JS_ClearScope() on its JSObject"
I think we should block on this web compatibility bug for 1.9.2.
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