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not granting UAC permission to updater.exe causes full update to be downloaded


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I was prompted by UAC to permit updater.exe to modify my computer (maybe I get more RAM?!?) and said "no".  After FF came up, it told me that the partial update failed and it would download a complete update.

Seems like we want to distinguish between "something that keeps us from updating anything" and "something that was specific to the partialness" here, since the full update isn't going to do any better.
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Not sure what would be the best action in the case where the user cancels an update. For 3.6 it would be trivial to treat this as file in use in which case we would leave the existing update in place and try to update on next app restart or remove the update in which case the update would most likely be downloaded again within the next 24 hours.

I am personally leaning toward removing the update.
Alex and Mike, can I get some UX guidance for this bug?

The options for 3.6 if it were to make it in 3.6 are when the user does not elevate:
a) delete the update. The user will go through this again if they don't turn off automatic updates.


b) treat it the same as a file in use error in that the user will be prompted on the 2nd startup (e.g. the one after the relaunch) to elevate.

I personally prefer option a.

For 3.7 we could add text informing the user with details.
I think we shouldn't make them wait another ~24 hours to get the patch, just because they clicked the UAC button -- I would go with b, or something similar.
My main concern with not removing the update is that the user chose to not update and the only way they can cancel is by removing manually from the filesystem.
That's the case for people without UAC too, though, and given that the prompt is just "updater.exe" I don't think it's really a valuable choice point.

I thought disabling auto-update would delete any pending updates as well, or something similar.  Or was that just a suggestion at some point (from :bs?)?
That is the case for people without UAC except that they don't explicitly cancel albeit via the elevation prompt.

We don't delete pending updates when flipping the pref and I was considering adding that in this bug specifically due to this bug... haven't heard it suggested before. Though it is somewhat of an edgecase doing so when the user explicitly downloaded an update wouldn't be ideal but I think it would be a good thing to do here.
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There are already a couple of bugs for adding the ability to cleanup and update.
bug 310698
bug 300922

I'll add the ability to remove a pending update as discussed in comment #6 and comment #7 in one of those or in a new one.
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alt patch in progress

Drivers, this is a fairly simple patch in that it adds a new error code for elevation canceled and does the same thing as when a file in use except it doesn't display an error message.
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Found bsmedberg's bug
bug 336267
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