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New trace-test harness format is not tinderbox-compatible.


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The old trace-test format was something tinderbox could parse (not initially, but I changed it to be so before wiring it into "make check"). Unless I'm not seeing it, I don't think the new one writes out such a format. Therefore trace-test just went from "being checked by tinderbox" to "being ignored by tinderbox".

Maybe make the "make check" invocation pass a flag that makes it print in tinderbox-compatible form? Like the old one.
Sounds easy enough. What's the format? Is there a spec? I looked at the Tinderbox MDC article but I didn't find anything like that. The closest I found was, which (apparently wrongly) says that zero-vs-nonzero exit code is enough.
That document sort of assumes you're not doing a long series of tests and assertions, in which case not printing out play-by-play details on each test is fine.  For something like this, however, you want output more like what Mochitest prints out when it runs a directory of tests; the best documentation for that at the moment is really just a log of a Mochitest run.  (It's probably worth adding that to the above page, just probably hasn't occurred to anyone yet.)
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