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Titlebar text is wrong when switch between Month/Multiweek


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Build Identifier: Lightning 1.0pre 2009-08-17 / Thunderbird 3.0 beta 3

When I switch between Month and Multiweek views, the titlebar text becomes different than the text that Thunderbird Beta uses.

Example when I click on mail tab:
"Inbox - Local Folders - Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 Beta 3"

Example when I click on calendar tab and switch from Multiweek to Month view (or probably any views):
"August 2009 - Thunderbird"

I'm wondering if Thunderbird has a variable that Lightning could use to make the titlebar always be consistent.

It doesn't bother me visually.  I'm writing this bug because I use automation software and it's harder to automate windows whose titlebar text isn't consistent.

Reproducible: Always

For reference, there's also Bug 399361 ("Titlebar shows wrong description after stand by").
This works for me using Thunderbird 3.0 and a recent Lightning 1.0b2pre nightly build on Windows XP. The text in the titlebar always ends " - Mozilla Thunderbird".

Peter, can you still reproduce this issue?
I can still reproduce it using the public release of Thunderbird 3.0 and a  Lightning nightly of 2009-12-13.  When I switch between Month and Multiweek views, the titlebar changes from " - Mozilla Thunderbird" to " - Thunderbird".

However, I've since realized that it's sufficient to just look for a window whose titlebar ends in " Thunderbird", so feel free to close this bug if you want.
Well, it's resolved for me if I never have to use a Thunderbird nightly again (whose titlebar doesn't end with " Thunderbird").  It was a bit unusual but I had to start using TB nightlies to fix a major crashing bug with one of the public betas.
I've tracked this down to the following:

In Thunderbird's installation folder:
...\Chrome\en-US.jar\locale\en-US\branding\brand.dtd and

there are these entries:
<!ENTITY  brandShortName        "Thunderbird">
<!ENTITY  brandFullName         "Mozilla Thunderbird">

The Lightning code is using brandShortName for the titlebar but apparently the Thunderbird code is using brandFullName.
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Thanks, I'll test it when TB 3.1 is released and I can use Lightning nightlies again.
Verified on Vista using TB 3.1.2 and Lightning 1.0 beta 2.
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