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Add a SERVER_ROOT object-state mapping to Mochitest harness


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SJS files which wanted to access files could then just do something like this (name up for debate, easy to change):

  var file;
  getObjectState("SERVER_ROOT", function(getFile)
    file = getFile("tests/content/media/test/320x240.ogv");

Simple, easy change to expose files to SJS handlers, no API additions or changes necessary...
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This is slightly different interaction from comment 0, but it's still easy-peasy:

  var file;
  getObjectState("SERVER_ROOT", function(serverRoot)
    file = serverRoot.getFile("tests/content/media/test/320x240.ogv");

  res.write("file: " + file);
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(The reason not to return the function directly is that currently object-state is intended only for XPCOMish things, and as part of error-checking there's a check that typeof == "object" (and functions are typeof == "function").  This isn't much more work, and it preserves the ability to use the server in a slightly more isolated manner than mere direct inclusion.
Mochitest part of this bug:

Reftest harness doesn't work the same way, biggest difference being every test is sequestered in its own path-space -- so we need to track all path registrations to be able to return a useful file given a path (which the test would have to determine by |window.location| introspection, I think).  Trickier, sure, but hopefully not too painful.  Working on that now to close this out...
I updated Mochitest docs to explain how to use this:
Hm, a little more looking says implementing something like this in reftest is more effort than I have time to make just right now.  I'm going to split this bug into two, declare this the (fixed) Mochitest half and have the reftest half be bug 543896 -- if anyone else feels like taking that on, feel free.
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Summary: Add a SERVER_ROOT object-state mapping to Mochitest, reftest harnesses → Add a SERVER_ROOT object-state mapping to Mochitest harness
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