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CE shunt not overriding std::nothrow operator new


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Windows CE
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status1.9.2 --- beta1-fixed


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The shunt is missing overrides of the std::nothrow variants of operator new, causing problems when it's used; we don't use it a lot, but we do in canvas, where we were ending up using the system allocator but calling jemalloc's delete.

This patch overrides std::nothrow variants of operator new.  It also makes the C++ new/delete operators all inline, which saves us an extra function call; it means that we don't export these symbols from mozce_shunt though, but that seems to be fine.
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Better patch, now going back to exporting as well as inlining.

The trick seemed to be to use inline instead of __forceinline, and to not try to export the placement new operators (but still define them inline), since they're essentially noops.

Also using declspec(dllimport) or dllexport didn't work -- compiler complained about changing the linkage of a built-in function declaration.
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better patch

>+#include <stdlib.h>
use jemalloc.h directly

>+// actually throw for us.  Note that these are inline, so they
>+// are not exported from the shunt.
fix comment (as you pointed out on irc)

>+;; operator new[] nothrow
> ;; operator delete[]
> malloc
nit, don't need the extra space
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