Bookmark drop indicator line sometimes showing incorrectly in sub-sub folders.




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While using drag and drop to sort my bookmarks in a folder 3 levels deep the drop indicator (little black line that shows where your bookmark will land) shows up in the second level sub folder.

Sorting still happens correctly according to where the mouse is placed.
For example I add a link to the folder Bookmarks->Break->Comics.  Then go into the folder and click and drag to sort it.  The little black line will show up in the Break folder even though the mouse is over the Comics folder.  When I drop the new link it will drop correctly, it's just the visual indicator that's out of place.

Of note it does this to me in my folder for news and comics.  Without letting the bookmark menu close and reopen it will work correctly in my Games and Shows folders (all folders mentioned are 3 levels deep).

All these bookmark folders have been around for a long time and seen many a firefox upgrade.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a bookmark folder 3 levels deep
2. Assign bookmarks to the first second and third levels
3. Attempt to drag and drop items around and watch the indicator
Actual Results:  
Works for some folders, but not for others... 
Folders it gave abnormal behavior for were named Break->Comics and Break->News.
Folders it worked correctly for were Break->Shows and Break->Games.

Expected Results:  
Line should've shown up between the items that my mouse was hovering between.

I'm using AdBlock, FlashBlock, and ScriptBlock.
This is a set of bookmarks that's been around for years and seen many imports exports, user account swaps and many firefox upgrades.
Good luck with tracking this down, and sorry I couldn't provide a 100% test case.
drag & drop where? menus? toolbar? sidebar? Library?

if it's in a tree could just be bug 386089.

Comment 2

9 years ago
Created attachment 395610 [details]
A screen shot of the bug in action.

Comment 3

9 years ago
It's on the menu, not a dup of 386089.  

The link still drops with correct behavior (as per where the mouse is hovering), it's just that the visual indicator is placed incorrectly.
please try to reproduce in safe mode

Comment 5

9 years ago
Reproduced in safe mode.

Steps taken to reproduce.
1. Opened firefox.exe -safe-mode
2. Mouse Click on the bookmark menu.  (Expand the menu)
3. Mouse hover over a folder. (Expand folder)
4. Mouse hover over a sub-folder. (Expand sub-folder)
5. Mouse down on the bottom most item in the sub-folder and drag vertically upwards.  (Bugged behavior occurs)

Details on the test environment: 

* Screen resolution is 1680x1050
* The base bookmark menu (step 2) has 36 line items in it.
* The Folder (step 3) is the 13th item down on the base bookmarks menu.  This Folder contains 9 items (including the 'Open All in tabs' item).
* The sub-folder (step4) is the 3rd item down on the folder menu.  This folder contains 38 items (including the 'Open All in tabs' item).
* The item selected (step 5) was the 37th item on the sub-folder.
* The drop indicator was not visible until the mouse reached a horizontal position equal to the 13th item on the sub-folder.  When it was visible it showed up between the separator and the "Open All in tabs" item.
* When I moved the mouse over the sub-folder the drop indicator functioned correctly.
* When I hovered over a different sub-folder in the folder (from step 3) the new sub-folder expanded and the drop indicator was shown correctly in the new sub-folder.  The new sub-folder was the first item in the folder (from step 3), and contained 4 items.
* The bug only seemed to reproduce itself when the sub-folder (step 4) touched the bottom of the screen and had to be repositioned higher, but did not touch the top of the screen.

Comment 6

9 years ago
Typo in the details.

> * When I moved the mouse over the sub-folder the drop indicator functioned
> correctly.

should be. 

* When I moved the mouse over the folder (step 3) the drop indicator functioned correctly.
Reporter, are you still seeing this issue with Firefox 3.6.10 or later in safe mode or a fresh profile? If not, please close. These links can help you in your testing.
Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 2010-11-01]
No reply from reporter, INCOMPLETE. Please retest with Firefox 3.6.12 or later and a new profile ( If you continue to see this issue with the newest firefox and a new profile, then please comment on this bug.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE

Comment 9

8 years ago
Unable to retest on the original (windows xp sp3) machine, however I can confirm that the issue has been resolved as of 3.6.12 when running on Ubuntu 9.04.

I'd recommend that the issue be resolved as fixed.
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