Unmounting file system crashes Firefox




9 years ago
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9 years ago
During a factory reset (operation which unmounts the file system and wipes all user data) Firefox.exe crashes when running.  

Firefox needs to gracefully handle unmounting of the file system with either a graceful shutdown, or handling the error when it occurs without crashing.

Failure can be simulated by installing Firefox to a USB key, and removing the USB key while Firefox is actively running.  Alternatively install Firefox, and hit the factory reset button in the "Programs" settings page.
Assignee: blizzard → vladimir
Component: X-remote → General
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How do other apps handle this, if the device removal happens while they're running?  I don't know that we can do much about actual physical device removal, but for factory reset, do we get some sort of notification that factory reset was initiated and get a chance to clean up?
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9 years ago
We're working to notify applications and close them before a factory reset.

Even without the notification, shouldn't Firefox gracefully handle the loss of the file system, instead of crashing?
It depends on why it's crashing; haven't looked in the debugger yet.  But if, say, a portion of some dll is paged out, and the backing store is no longer available, the kernel would have no option but to kill/crash the process at that point, no?  Unless we know that all our code is resident in memory, I don't see how we can shutdown even semi-gracefully.
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9 years ago
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8 years ago
technically at least w/ w32 the kernel sends a SEH for the case of the backing store being missing for dlls. In theory if enough of your app+seh is available you can do last ditch effort to save some work and terminate. we do have a couple of crashes in bmo which point to the right SE for that case
WinCE/Windows Mobile support has been removed from the main build system, Spidermonkey, mobile installer, in-app updater and so on (see bug 614720, bug 554087 and all their dependants). Until such point where MS decide to release a Windows Phone 7 NDK and the decision is made to port to that platform, this is WONTFIX.

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