Consider switching to CGI::Simple (away from




9 years ago
9 years ago


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9 years ago
CGI::Simple ( ) is an implementation of without the HTML-generation stuff.

It is much simpler, and seems to be at least somewhat-actively maintained (last release was in May 2009).

It has various other improvements, such as making certain things per-instance settings instead of global settings (which can be useful for us).

It does not have server push support, though, so we would have to re-implement that ourselves (or perhaps contribute a patch upstream). However, we basically already do that anyhow.... :-)

The thing to do here is to try the replacement and then do some testing to see how it goes.

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9 years ago
Another advantage would be that CGI::Simple isn't in the core code, so we wouldn't have to require people to override their core version of a module in order to use Bugzilla. (We'd just require a module that doesn't come in core.)
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