[@DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19] and related crashes on version




9 years ago
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Windows XP
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9 years ago
There are around 500 crashes a day with DTToolbarFF.dll

These are representative stack signatures, and firefox versions where the crashes are occuring.   there is more info about the breakdown in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=459850#c36 but we can keep the discussion about these new crashes here.

DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 Firefox 3.0.10

DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 Firefox 3.5.2

DTToolbarFF.dll@0x39b70 Firefox 3.0.13
DTToolbarFF.dll@0x3d52d Firefox 3.0.13
DTToolbarFF.dll@0x3ff06 Firefox 3.5.2
DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 Firefox 3.0.1

Comment 1

9 years ago
out of a sample of 100 dttoolbar crashes I see a few signatures and a few dttoolbar versions.  these crashes stretch across just about all firefox 3.0.x and 3.5.x versions.

  80 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19
   2 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x52b13

  16 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x6087e
   2 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4fcd4


8 years ago
Summary: DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 and related crashes on version → [@DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19] and related crashes on version
will check this version of the toolbar this week
I have an email contact with the dttoolbar guys, so please contact me for the email address before blocklisting them.
not able to reproduce so far ...any ideas how to get steps to reproduce ?


8 years ago
Depends on: 523883
ss:  Can you please add the dttoolbar contact info to bug 523883 ?
Done, as a private comment.
This isn't showing up in the 3.5.3 topcrash list anymore, so suggesting that it shouldn't block release.
Flags: wanted-firefox3.6+
Flags: blocking-firefox3.6?
Flags: blocking-firefox3.6-
(In reply to comment #8)
> This isn't showing up in the 3.5.3 topcrash list anymore, so suggesting that it
> shouldn't block release.

It's #44 on the topcrash list. What list are you looking at that it doesn't show?
Flags: blocking-firefox3.6- → blocking-firefox3.6?
Huh, my search on that page failed. Yes, topcrash #44 blocks.

Needs an owner. According to the Crashkill wiki page that's Tomcat.
Assignee: nobody → cbook
Flags: blocking-firefox3.6? → blocking-firefox3.6+


8 years ago
Whiteboard: [crashkill] → [crashkill][crashkill-thirdparty]
Reached out.  Let's see what happens.
QA, can you help reproduce, please?
Keywords: qawanted
(In reply to comment #12)
> QA, can you help reproduce, please?

yup will try again :)
Carsten, do you have the v1.0.8.522 of the toolbar?  The oldest version on AMO is Could you send it to me if possible? Thanks.
(In reply to comment #14)
> Carsten, do you have the v1.0.8.522 of the toolbar?  The oldest version on AMO
> is Could you send it to me if possible? Thanks.

Henrik, seems i recycled this vm with this installer already :(, so don't have this toolbar version anymore, hopefully we can get it from our contacts mentioned in #11
so, since this is a old version and the new version is version 1.10 maybe we should with our contacts if we should blocklist this old version ? Damon do we got a answer from this vendor ?

Comment 17

8 years ago
(In reply to comment #16)
> so, since this is a old version and the new version is version 1.10 maybe we
> should with our contacts if we should blocklist this old version ? Damon do we
> got a answer from this vendor ?

Whats the next step with this one?  

Damon: any word from the vendor? (comment #11).  Let me know if I can help contact them.  We could really use an old copy of their tool bar from them (see comment# 14). Can just block list them (comment #16)

Tomcat or whimboo:  Any luck finding the right version of toolbar ourselves?
(In reply to comment #17)
> Tomcat or whimboo:  Any luck finding the right version of toolbar ourselves?

no, all download links i found so far are now pointing to the latest version :(
Older versions of the Daemon Tools are available here:

No idea if this software also included the toolbar. But given by that side all versions >4.0 include badware. So we should try those builds.
I don't believe that this should block release, though we should follow up with the vendor and consider blocking the older (crashy) versions of the DLL.
Flags: blocking-firefox3.6+ → blocking-firefox3.6?
Whiteboard: [crashkill][crashkill-thirdparty] → [crashkill][crashkill-thirdparty][dll-block]
Current statistics are showing strong correlations to specific versions of the DTToolbar:

DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19|EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (191 crashes)
    100% (191/191) vs.   1% (652/99896)

DTToolbarFF.dll@0x568b9|EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (71 crashes) 
    100% (71/71) vs.   0% (332/99896)

DTToolbarFF.dll@0x6087e|EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (51 crashes)
    100% (51/51) vs.   0% (210/99896)

DTToolbarFF.dll@0x570a9|EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (18 crashes) 
    100% (18/18) vs.   0% (102/99896)
Thank you Henrik, but we already know this is correlated to DTToolbar and is crashing there. We've dealt with a similar crash before.

We also don't need to use the DLL blocklist. We can blocklist this with the regular add-ons blocklist, which is what we've done before.

Damon, have you heard back from the DTToolbar guys?
--> addons.mozilla.org:Blocklisting as per comment 22
Assignee: cbook → nobody
Component: Extension Compatibility → Blocklisting
Product: Firefox → addons.mozilla.org
QA Contact: extension.compatibility → blocklisting
Whiteboard: [crashkill][crashkill-thirdparty][dll-block] → [crashkill][crashkill-thirdparty]
Version: 3.5 Branch → unspecified

Comment 24

8 years ago
message to damon indicates:

> Several days ago we've released Toolbar version which should fix 
> that problems reported. As far as we see number of bugreports goes down now. 

under the 300 mark on 11/27 for the first time. and down significantly from early nov.
report for the stack signature DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 
584  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091101-crashdata
452  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091102-crashdata
490  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091103-crashdata
510  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091104-crashdata
480  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091105-crashdata
457  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091106-crashdata
499  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091107-crashdata
529  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091108-crashdata
474  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091109-crashdata
476  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091110-crashdata
468  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091111-crashdata
398  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091112-crashdata
418  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091113-crashdata
407  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091114-crashdata
441  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091115-crashdata
457  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091116-crashdata
429  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091117-crashdata
426  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091118-crashdata
378  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091119-crashdata
390  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091120-crashdata
355  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091121-crashdata
419  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091122-crashdata
345  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091123-crashdata
388  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091124-crashdata
314  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091125-crashdata
333  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091126-crashdata
264  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091127-crashdata
290  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091128-crashdata
345  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091129-crashdata
270  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091130-crashdata
232  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091201-crashdata
266  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 on  20091202-crashdata
It's probably more important to investigate which versions are crashing and if the new one is or not. It's possible it's still crashing and the signature has changed because it's a new DLL.

Comment 26

8 years ago
*all* the ddtoolbar.dll crashes are going down.

report for the stack signature DTToolbarFF.dll 
741  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091120-crashdata
697  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091121-crashdata
745  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091122-crashdata
667  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091123-crashdata
697  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091124-crashdata
682  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091125-crashdata
608  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091126-crashdata
543  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091127-crashdata
546  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091128-crashdata
605  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091129-crashdata
452  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091201-crashdata
455  crashes for DTToolbarFF.dll on  20091202-crashdata

Comment 27

8 years ago
on the 20th the compostition looked like

signature list
 390 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19
 185 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x568b9
  76 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x6087e
  57 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x570a9
  12 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x9450a
   8 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x47349
   6 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e8
   2 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x88493
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e6
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x43020
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x3ff06
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x31a80

and on the dec 02 the composition looks like

DTToolbarFF.dll signature breakdown
signature distribution
signature list
 266 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19
  87 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x568b9
  56 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x6087e
  22 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x570a9
   5 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e8
   4 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3
   3 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x27916
   3 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x1f704
   3 @0x0 | DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3
   2 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x9450a
   1 _purecall | DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x83239
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e6
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x116c7

Comment 28

8 years ago
or to show that a different way, all the major old crash singatures are in decline.   there are a few new low volume signatures to keep an eye on.

 390 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 1120
 266 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19 1202

 185 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x568b9 1120
  87 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x568b9 1202

  76 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x6087e 1120
  56 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x6087e 1202

  57 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x570a9 1120
  22 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x570a9 1202

  12 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x9450a 1120
   2 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x9450a 1202

   8 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x47349 1120

   6 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e8 1120
   5 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e8 1202

   2 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x88493 1120

   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e6 1120
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535e6 1202

   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x3ff06 1120

   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x31a80 1120

   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x43020 1120

new crashes not seen on 11/20

   4 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3 1202
   3 @0x0 | DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3 1202
   1 _purecall | DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3 1202
   3 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x27916 1202
   3 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x1f704 1202
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x83239 1202
   1 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x116c7 1202
That doesn't necessarily answer the first part of my statement, which is that we need to breakdown the module versions that are crashing to determine if the new version is crashing. It might be crashing in a different way, but while we have contact with them, we can get them to fix those crashes.

Comment 30

8 years ago
Dear Samta,

I think it answers the most important parts of key question which is:

...is DDToolbar.ddl release (actually having an impact in reducing the high volume of crashes in previous versions?  

The answer to that is yes.  The bottom of comment 28 also shows a list of possibly new crashes low volume crashes that could be looked at now or some time in the future to figure out if there are *any* new problems with the new version.

Please bring me a new present for the holidays to do what you are asking for.  It sounds like a new, fun, and exciting tool.   give crash-stats, or crash_analysis a .dll and version number and have it say which signatures apply.

The only way to do this is go by hand as in:

the new crash with
search for the signature
   4 DTToolbarFF.dll@0x535f3 1202

look at a report
see the version number
which is not the new version..
rinse and repeat for all reports on all signatures...

I also ran a 
awk '$0 ~ /^  [A-z]/ ||  $0 ~ /1\.1\.1\.0014/'  20091203*versions*.txt   | more over all of the Firefox data in

"DDToolbar.ddl" shows up in being around in a few crashes by not visable to any high degree, or correlated with any specific signature. 

lets let this one rest until the new .dll has a chance for wider deployment, then have another look.

I'll leave you cookies and milk, and carrots for the reindeer, and bring me the tool if you can.  I've been a good boy this year. 

love, chofmann

Comment 31

8 years ago
Looked at 1800 crashes where the signature has DTToolbarFF, here are the versions:

    595	DTToolbarFF.dll|
    559	DTToolbarFF.dll|
    476	DTToolbarFF.dll|
    135	DTToolbarFF.dll|
     30	DTToolbarFF.dll|
      3	DTToolbarFF.dll|
      1	DTToolbarFF.dll|
Thank you Cheng. That's exactly the information I wanted.
Let's blocklist the older versions, then; looks like the latest ( version is having the happy effect we were hoping for.

Also, not blocking release on this, but should keep it on the crashkill radar.
Flags: blocking-firefox3.6? → blocking-firefox3.6-


7 years ago
Crash Signature: [@DTToolbarFF.dll@0x4bc19]
Closing old blocklist bugs. Please reopen if the problem still exists.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX


2 years ago
Product: addons.mozilla.org → Toolkit
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