Closed Bug 51221 Opened 24 years ago Closed 24 years ago

Crash when clicking "Customize" button in sidebar search


(SeaMonkey :: Search, defect, P1)



(Not tracked)



(Reporter: lordpixel, Assigned: eric)


(Keywords: crash, regression, Whiteboard: [dogfood+][nsbeta3+]BLOCKS QA)

This is 100% reproducable on Mac OS 9 with 2000090110.

Put your sidebar search panel into advanced mode.
Click the "Customise" button.

The customise dialog doesn't appear. 
Go pull down a couple of menus (or basically just do anything)

You're in Macs Bug, having tried to execute code from address 0

(stdlog will follow)
Sometimes one will execute code from 0,
sometimes one will crash in _CursorDeviceDispatch, 
which for bitter experience I know means someone dereferenced a null pointer and 
wrote garbage over the Quickraw global variables down in low memory.

  MacsBug 6.6.1, Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-2000
PowerPC illegal instruction at FFC10008 _CursorDeviceDispatch+00A68
  3-Sep-2000 10:27:47 AM (since boot = 2 minutes)
  Current application is “Mozilla”
  Machine = #406 (NewWorldMac), System $0904, sysu = $01008000
  ROM version $077D, $45F6, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is on; paging is currently safe (and it probably isn't VM's fault)
  NIL^ = $FFC10000
  Stack space used = +118708482
 Address FFC10008 is in the ROM at _CursorDeviceDispatch+00A68
 PowerPC 7400 (G4) Registers
                         CR0  CR1  CR2  CR3  CR4  CR5  CR6  CR7
  PC  = FFC10008     CR  1000 1000 0000 0000 0000 0010 1000 1000
  LR  = 1641B1B8         <>=O XEVO
  CTR = FFC10000
  MSR = 00000000         SOC Compare Count
  Int = 0            XER 000   00     04                     MQ  = 00000000
  R0  = FFC0A078     R8  = 00000000      R16 = FFC10B78      R24 = 00000000
  SP  = 06D423F0     R9  = 00000000      R17 = 00000001      R25 = 06D42C04
  TOC = FFC10000     R10 = 00000000      R18 = 00000000      R26 = 05A06BDC
  R3  = 0553EE20     R11 = 00000000      R19 = 06464298      R27 = 0553E63C
  R4  = 06D42470     R12 = 00000000      R20 = 06582154      R28 = 0553EE20
  R5  = 00000000     R13 = 05D462EC      R21 = 06585A60      R29 = 06D42608
  R6  = 05819DFC     R14 = 00000003      R22 = 06585D14      R30 = 00000000
  R7  = 059ED0DC     R15 = 00000000      R23 = 06D42D20      R31 = 06D42524
 Disassembling PowerPC code from FFC0FFE0
     +00A40 FFC0FFE0   bc         ALWAYS,cr4_LT,_CursorDeviceDispatch+06A40 ; 
0xFFC15FE0 | 42
     +00A44 FFC0FFE4   dc.l       0x018008F8                              | 
     +00A48 FFC0FFE8   dc.l       0x00070172                              | 
     +00A4C FFC0FFEC   bca+       ALWAYS_1,cr6_LT,0x0000016C              | 
     +00A50 FFC0FFF0   lhz        r3,0x3400(r23)                          | 
     +00A54 FFC0FFF4   stbu       r23,0x000A(r28)                         | 
     +00A58 FFC0FFF8   oris       r0,r24,0x0120                           | 
     +00A5C FFC0FFFC   beqa-      cr3,_PmgrOp+5E73A          ; 0xFFFFFFF4 | 
     +00A60 FFC10000   subic      r0,RTOC,0x5F88                          | 
     +00A64 FFC10004   addic.     r16,r0,0x6B00                           | 
     +00A68 FFC10008  *dc.l       0x010A0C2E                              | 
     +00A6C FFC1000C   dc.l       0x0003FFF7                              | 
     +00A70 FFC10010   oris       r0,r16,0x0100                           | 
     +00A74 FFC10014   ori        r0,r8,0xFE92                            | 
     +00A78 FFC10018   vmulosb    v0,v3,v29                               | 
     +00A7C FFC1001C   dc.l       0x0000000F                              | 
     +00A80 FFC10020   subfic     RTOC,r15,0x6100                         | 
     +00A84 FFC10024   dc.l       0x01484A10                              | 
     +00A88 FFC10028   oris       r0,r24,0x00E8                           | 
     +00A8C FFC1002C   vrlb       v11,v28,v0                              | 
 Heap zones
  #1  Mod       19913K  00002800 to 01374C8F  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           6K    00018F00 to 0001AABF  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod      100546K  01374C90 to 075A54DF  Process Manager zone
  #4  Mod       16197K    05D281F0 to 06CF98EF  “Mozilla”  ApplZone^  TheZone^  
  #5  Mod        1349K    06D45A00 to 06E970FF  “DragThing 2.9”
  #6  Mod         954K    06EA3210 to 06F91D0F  “Finder”
  #7  Mod          18K    0716C350 to 07170BFF
  #8  Mod         422K    071C0830 to 0722A1DF  “Stickies”
  #9  Mod          99K    07285C70 to 0729EB6F  “Time Synchronizer”
  #10 Mod         337K    072A94D0 to 072FDBCF  “Open Transport SNMP”
  #11 Mod         181K    0731A530 to 07347C2F  “Kensington Startup”
  #12 Mod          53K    073CE5F0 to 073DBCEF  “FBC Indexing Scheduler”
  #13 Mod          78K    073EBE50 to 073FF87F  “DVD AutoLauncher”
  #14 Mod         153K    0742C710 to 07452E0F  “Control Strip Extension”
  #15 Mod         361K    074FCFA0 to 0755769F  “Folder Actions”
  #16 Mod         112K    0756E000 to 0758A2FF  “Application Switcher”
  #17 Mod         511K  075ACCB8 to 0762CCAF
  #18 Mod        4095K  08100000 to 084FFFCF
  #19 Mod         144K    082413D0 to 082653CF
  #20 Mod          94K    082C74A0 to 082DF07F
Checking all heaps
 The System heap at 00002800 is ok
 The ROM read-only heap at 00018F00 is ok
 The Process Manager heap at 01374C90 is ok
 The “Mozilla” heap at 05D281F0 is ok
 The “DragThing 2.9” heap at 06D45A00 is ok
 The “Finder” heap at 06EA3210 is ok
 The heap at 0716C350 is ok
 The “Stickies” heap at 071C0830 is ok
 The “Time Synchronizer” heap at 07285C70 is ok
 The “Open Transport SNMP” heap at 072A94D0 is ok
 The “Kensington Startup” heap at 0731A530 is ok
 The “FBC Indexing Scheduler” heap at 073CE5F0 is ok
 The “DVD AutoLauncher” heap at 073EBE50 is ok
 The “Control Strip Extension” heap at 0742C710 is ok
 The “Folder Actions” heap at 074FCFA0 is ok
 The “Application Switcher” heap at 0756E000 is ok
  System heap high free space + TempMem low free space = #69229184 (#66M)
 The target heap is the System heap at 00002800
 Totaling the System heap at 00002800
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0035      #53   000514D0      #333008 (#325K)
  Nonrelocatable                 1957    #6487   00B0DA7C    #11590268 (#11M)
  Relocatable                    0F9B    #3995   00813500     #8467712 (#8269K)
    Locked                       050B    #1291   00621550     #6427984 (#6277K)
    Purgeable and not locked     007C     #124   00099100      #626944 (#612K)
  Heap size                      2927   #10535   0137244C    #20390988 (#19M)
 The target heap is the Process Manager heap at 01374C90
 Totaling the Process Manager heap at 01374C90
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0018      #24   041E7B50    #69106512 (#65M)
  Nonrelocatable                 0003       #3   0000C5BC       #50620 (#49K)
  Relocatable                    013A     #314   0203C700    #33801984 (#32M)
    Locked                       0089     #137   01F821B0    #33038768 (#31M)
    Purgeable and not locked     0001       #1   00056DD0      #355792 (#347K)
  Heap size                      0155     #341   0623080C   #102959116 (#98M)
 The target heap is the “Mozilla” heap at 05D281F0
 Totaling the “Mozilla” heap at 05D281F0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0016      #22   000061A0       #24992 (#24K)
  Nonrelocatable                 0110     #272   00A1191C    #10557724 (#10M)
  Relocatable                    1202    #4610   005B9C00     #6003712 (#5863K)
    Locked                       00A6     #166   005092A0     #5280416 (#5156K)
    Purgeable and not locked     0000       #0   00000000           #0
  Heap size                      1328    #4904   00FD16BC    #16586428 (#15M)
 Displaying File Control Blocks
  FRef Name                         VRef Type Fl ForkID   LogEOF
  0002 System                       FFFF zsys mW rsrc     007AF1AE
  0006 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFF •••• mw data     00400000
  000A **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFF •••• mw data     02800000
  000E **** VOLUME BITMAP           FFFF •••• mw data     00076000
  002E Speech Recognition           FFFF INIT mw data     00112476
  0032 OpenTpt Remote Access        FFFF libr mw rsrc     001149FE
  0036 Speech Manager               FFFF INIT mw data     00000FA0
  003A System                       FFFF zsys mw data     005FE594
  0042 history.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00009C4A
  0046 USB Software Locator         FFFF ndrv mw data     00003BBA
  0052 ATI Resource Manager         FFFF shlb mw data     00029A31
  0056 Desktop DB                   FFFF BTFL mW data     000B1000
  005A Language Kit Preferences     FFFF pref mW rsrc     00000228
  005E OpenTpt Modem                FFFF libr mw rsrc     0001666C
  0062 FireWire Enabler             FFFF ndrv mw data     0001AE88
  0066 Mork.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     0004121E
  006A Desktop DF                   FFFF DTFL mW data     00346FC2
  006E PowerPC Enabler 9.0.4        FFFF gbly mw data     000B71A1
  0072 Unicode Encodings            FFFF ecpg mw data     00004178
  0076 Apple Guide                  FFFF INIT mw data     0008E2D8
  007A FontAnnexFile                FFFF xfnt mW data     00000FDC
  007E AppleScriptLib               FFFF shlb mw data     000029BC
  0082 AppleScript                  FFFF thng mw data     00010560
  0086 Security Policy Module       FFFF shlb mw data     0002EBDE
  008A Control Strip Extension      FFFF appe mW rsrc     0001205D
  008E Type 1 Scaler                FFFF sclr mw data     00087577
  0092 SoundSource Strip            FFFF sdev mw data     00001B1A
  0096 widget.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw rsrc     000009AD
  009A OpenTpt Remote Access        FFFF libr mw rsrc     001149FE
  009E Remote Access Log            FFFF lzlg mW data     0003B000
  00A2 Caps.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     00021250
  00A6 oji.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     00015704
  00AA QuickTime™                   FFFF INIT mw data     0006E786
  00AE Security Storage Module      FFFF shlb mw data     00079D23
  00B2 Users & Groups Data File     FFFF BTFL mW data     0003B000
  00B6 DVD AutoLauncher             FFFF appe mW rsrc     00000FE4
  00BA profile.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     0001AD88
  00BE LiveConnect.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     00017C4C
  00C2 Sound Manager                FFFF INIT mw data     00004C42
  00C6 Standard Additions           FFFF osax mw data     000229C4
  00CA FBC Indexing Scheduler       FFFF appe mW rsrc     00000EB5
  00CE ColorSync Extension          FFFF appe mw data     0006736A
  00D2 history.dat                  FFFF BINA mW data     00009763
  00D6 Security Library             FFFF shlb mw data     000FABF2
  00DA OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator    FFFF libr mw rsrc     00001F24
  00DE OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator    FFFF libr mw rsrc     00001F24
  00E6 Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     0008FBCC
  00EA Video Mirroring              FFFF sdev mw data     0000114A
  00EE Contextual Menu Extension    FFFF INIT mw data     00010467
  00F2 Text Encoding Converter      FFFF shlb mw data     00025890
  00F6 SOMobjects™ for Mac OS       FFFF shlb mw data     0001F880
  00FA gifdecoder.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     0000311D
  00FE Kensington Startup           FFFF appe mW rsrc     0002D4DE
  0102 Internet Config Extension    FFFF thng mw data     00006C3C
  0106 Security Manager             FFFF shlb mw data     00048736
  010A Open Transport SNMP          FFFF appe mW rsrc     000027EC
  010E HID Library                  FFFF shlb mw data     000049C0
  0112 Web Sharing CS               FFFF sdev mw data     00005356
  0116 Security Cert Module         FFFF shlb mw data     0004AA34
  011A Shared Library Manager PPC   FFFF INIT mw rsrc     00033D34
  011E Mozilla                      FFFF APPL mW rsrc     00017E71
  0122 Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     0008FBCC
  0126 USB Device Extension         FFFF ndrv mw data     00068616
  012A Mozilla                      FFFF APPL mw data     00021B9D
  012E Time Synchronizer            FFFF appe mW rsrc     00001DF9
  0132 PowerPC Enabler 9.0.4        FFFF gbly mW rsrc     000EB4AA
  0136 Chinese Encodings            FFFF ecpg mw data     00003A88
  013A plugin.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     000206D9
  013E ~ATM™                        FFFF cdev mw data     001472E2
  0142 VM Storage                   FFFF ZSYS mW data     08500000
  0146 Apple Audio Extension        FFFF INIT mw data     0005EB70
  014A Japanese Encodings           FFFF ecpg mw data     00003EE8
  014E ATM OTF Support              FFFF fmCF mW rsrc     0000013A
  0152 OTF Name Database            FFFF fmCF mW data     00006380
  0156 Open Transport ASLM Modules  FFFF libr mw rsrc     0008FBCC
  015A Open Transport               FFFF otsl mw data     000EE5B2
  015E libpref.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00011F37
  0162 Kensington USB Shim          FFFF ndrv mw data     00001FAA
  0166 Korean Encodings             FFFF ecpg mw data     000028F8
  016A System Resources             FFFF zsyr mw rsrc     000F8962
  0202 MRJPlugin                    FFFF NSPL mw data     00026303
  0206 MRJLib                       FFFF shlb mw data     001CAB94
  020A Open Transport SNMP          FFFF appe mw data     00006772
  020E QuickDraw™ 3D RAVE           FFFF shlb mw data     00046012
  0212 Andrew Thompson              FFFF kycd mW data     00001124
  0216 QuickTime™ PowerPlug         FFFF INIT mw data     0003703E
  021A OpenTptSNMPLib               FFFF shlb mw data     0005FB4A
  021E XPConnect.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     0003A773
  0222 SNMP Preferences             FFFF pref mW data     0003B000
  0226 Wallet.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00025144
  022A ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator  FFFF shlb mw data     000BFC90
  022E MRJPlugin                    FFFF NSPL mw rsrc     0000064F
  023A FBC Indexing Scheduler       FFFF appe mw data     00004BDE
  023E Finder                       FFFF FNDR mw rsrc     000965BE
  0242 Finder                       FFFF FNDR mw data     001CDFFA
  0246 urlbarhistory.shlb           FFFF shlb mw data     00006E36
  0256 DVD AutoLauncher             FFFF appe mw data     00006E68
  025A Color Picker                 FFFF INIT mw data     00001900
  025E AutoComplete.shlb            FFFF shlb mw data     00001F4F
  0266 Finder Preferences           FFFF pref mW rsrc     000002A2
  026A prefm.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     00015057
  026E JMAlloc–141798               FFFF TEMP mW data     00000000
  0272 Folder Actions               FFFF appe mw data     00005134
  0276 MsgLocal.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0006549A
  027A NSRuntime.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     00003DE8
  027E NSStdLib.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0003FEE5
  0282 NSPR20.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     0003439D
  0286 Application Switcher         FFFF appe mw data     00013BB9
  028A JavaScript.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     0006874E
  028E xpcom.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     000C475E
  0292 libreg.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00009282
  0296 Component Registry           FFFF BINA mW data     000524C6
  029A docshell.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0003A3F5
  029E               FFFF ZIP  mw data     0031844B
  02A2           FFFF ZIP  mw data     003B1E1B
  02A6 xpinstall.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     00046132
  02AA libjar.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     0000F82C
  02AE zlib.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     0000A46A
  02B2 dom.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     000E5874
  02BA uriLoader.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     000145DC
  02BE PrintingLib                  FFFF shlb mw data     000AE87A
  02C2          FFFF ZIP  mw data     000AF03F
  02C6 Directory.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     0000E159
  02CA Control Strip Extension      FFFF appe mw data     00000CE8
  02DA AppShell.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00030B37
  02DE               FFFF ZIP  mw data     001E7A7E
  02E2            FFFF ZIP  mw data     00061821
  02E6 ChomeRegistry.shlb           FFFF shlb mw data     0002623D
  02EA DragThing 2.9                FFFF APPL mW rsrc     000F4933
  02EE                   FFFF ZIP  mw data     000ACADC
  02FA AppleTalk Switch             FFFF sdev mw data     00002DFA
  02FE Users & Groups Data File     FFFF BTFL mW data     0003B000
  0302 Network Setup Extension      FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00006C27
  0306 Network Setup Extension      FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00006C27
  030E RDFLibrary.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     000D132B
  0312 Stickies                     FFFF APPL mW rsrc     000194A2
  0316 DragThing 2.9                FFFF APPL mw data     000CAB41
  031A swingall.jar                 FFFF TEXT mw data     0024EEA4
  031E AirPort AP Support           FFFF shlb mw data     0000A365
  0322 MsgNews.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00065FAD
  0326 Necko.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     000BAA48
  032A MRJ Symantec JITC            FFFF shlb mw data     00096082
  032E Energy Settings              FFFF sdev mw data     00001B0A
  0332 English 2.9                  FFFF Lang mw rsrc     00002456
  0336 File Sharing Strip           FFFF sdev mw data     000021BA
  033A File Sharing Library         FFFF shlb mw data     0000E421
  033E Bookmarks.shlb               FFFF shlb mw data     0001DFFC
  0342 File Sharing Library         FFFF shlb mw rsrc     000011A8
  034E htmlparser.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     0008F981
  0356 layout.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     004E854A
  0362 uconv.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     00019C52
  0366 DragThing Preferences        FFFF pref mW rsrc     00032633
  036A view.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     0001656B
  036E EditorCore.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     000E3F11
  0372 unicharutil.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     000063A2
  0376 Kensington Startup           FFFF appe mw data     00028F9A
  037A strres.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     000068AA
  037E MRJPlugin.jar                FFFF ZIP  mw data     0000A2CD
  0382 Application Switcher         FFFF appe mW rsrc     00001836
  0386 ucvlatin.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00024523
  038A Folder Actions               FFFF appe mW rsrc     00001453
  038E Monitor BitDepth             FFFF sdev mw data     00001CEA
  0396 Monitor Resolution           FFFF sdev mw data     00003642
  039E Cookie.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     0000F69E
  03A2 EditorTxmgr.shlb             FFFF shlb mw data     00005534
  03A6 mozBrowser.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     00015109
  03AA Search.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00027388
  03AE pngdecoder.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     000116AB
  03B2 Find CM Items                FFFF cmpi mw data     00006702
  03B6 Time Synchronizer            FFFF appe mw data     00009D04
  03BA tmbm.shlb                    FFFF shlb mw data     00002702
  03BE nslocale.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     0001348F
  03C2 chardet.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     00017FE5
  03C6 Folder Actions Menus         FFFF cmpi mw data     0000275F
  03CA Network Setup Extension      FFFF shlb mw data     00071648
  03CE widget.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     00053263
  03D2 Natural Selection            FFFF cmpi mw data     0000910E
  03D6 gfx.shlb                     FFFF shlb mw data     0003E943
  03DA Network Setup Extension      FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00006C27
  03DE Network Setup Extension      FFFF shlb mw rsrc     00006C27
  03E2 Open With                    FFFF cmpi mw data     00008BDD
  03E6 Sound Volume                 FFFF sdev mw data     0000103A
  03EA OpenWith CMM                 FFFF cmpi mw data     000025B0
  03EE libutil.shlb                 FFFF shlb mw data     0000176C
  03F2 libimg.shlb                  FFFF shlb mw data     0000C950
  03F6 UDFBridgeCMPlugin            FFFF cmpi mw data     0000148D
  044A shistory.shlb                FFFF shlb mw data     00006689
  046A cache.db                     FFFF MOSS mW data     00134000
  0496 StdLog                       FFFF TEXT mW data     00004D72
  04B6 lwbrk.shlb                   FFFF shlb mw data     00003CD3
  0512 jpgdecoder.shlb              FFFF shlb mw data     00011F0A
  02CE **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFE •••• mw data     00400000
  02D2 **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFE •••• mw data     00400000
  02D6 **** VOLUME BITMAP           FFFE •••• mw data     000D2000
  0346 Desktop DB                   FFFE BTFL mW data     00069000
  034A Desktop DF                   FFFE DTFL mW data     00128DF2
  02F2 **** EXTENTS B-TREE          FFFD •••• mw data     00100000
  02F6 **** CATALOG B-TREE          FFFD •••• mw data     00800000
  035A Desktop DB                   FFFD BTFL mW data     00010000
  035E Desktop DF                   FFFD DTFL mW data     00062992
  #384 FCBs, #245 in use (including #45 fonts not listed), #139 free
 Displaying Volume Control Blocks
  vRef VolName             Flg dRef Drv# FSID NumBlks  BlkSiz FilCnt DirCnt 
BlsdDir  VCBPtr
  FFFF Macintosh HD        dsh FFCA 0008 0000 003ACAFE 001000 014A65 001D33 
000266D6 002193B0
  FFFE Fatboy              dsh FFCB 000A 0000 0068862F 001000 00001C 000005 
00000000 00E39270
  FFFD Exchange            dsh FFCA 0009 0000 F242     002000 00032D 000080 
00000000 00E6CD50
  #3 VCBs
 Displaying Drive Queue
  Drive Volume               Flags dRef Driver Name           FSID   Size   QElem 
  0008  Macintosh HD         leiS  FFCA .ATADisk              0000 01D66279 
  0009  Exchange             leiS  FFCA .ATADisk              0000 000F2441 
  000A  Fatboy               leiS  FFCB .ATADisk              0000 03444456 
  0004  <none>               lEiS  FFA0 .iomegaDriverATA_0.S …0000 00000000 
  #4 drives
 Displaying Driver Control Entries
  dRef dNum Driver                      Flg  Ver   qHead  Stor/Ver Dely  Drvr at 
DCE at
  FFFA 0005 .AIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 006DC940 
  FFF9 0006 .AOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 006DCA00 
  FFF8 0007 .BIn                        bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 006DCAC0 
  FFF7 0008 .BOut                       bPC   #9 00000000 00000000 0000 006DCB80 
  FFF6 0009 .MPP                        bPO  #60 00000000 00000001 0000 00766880 
  FFF5 000A .ATP                        bPO  #58 00000000 008D3BF0 0000 007987F0 
  FFD7 0028 .XPP                        bPO  #58 00000000 0078FC70 0000 00755E50 
  FFD6 0029 .AFPTranslator              bPO   #0 00000000 0056F800 003C 0088F320 
  FFD2 002D .ATM                        bHO   #0 00000000 FFFFFFFF 003C 00DED6E0 
  FFCF 0030 .EDisk                      bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 003C FFCCAB10 
  FFCE 0031 .LANDisk                    bPC   #1 00000000 00000000 0000 00143B78 
  FFCD 0032 .Display_Rage128            bPO   #0 00000000 01.00b29 0000 00156418 
  FFCC 0033 .ATALoad                    bPO   #0 00000000 002C78C0 0001 FFDA6660 
  FFCB 0034 .ATADisk                    bPO   #0 00000000 002CD23E 0065 002D752E 
  FFCA 0035 .ATADisk                    bPO   #0 00000000 002CCC6E 0065 002D090E 
  FFC9 0036 .i2c-uni-n                  bPO   #0 00000000 02.00f00 0000 00605058 
  FFC8 0037 .AGP                        bPO   #0 00000000 01.00f04 0000 006051B8 
  FFC7 0038 .DAVAudio                   bPO   #0 00000000 01.21f00 0000 0053FBA8 
  FFC6 0039 .AppleSoundInput            bPO  #50 00000000 01.32f00 0000 00547AF8 
  FFC5 003A .i2c-mac-io                 bPO   #0 00000000 02.00f00 0000 00622398 
  FFC4 003B .ASLM                       bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 00674180 
  FFC3 003C .SLM                        bPO   #2 00000000 00000000 0000 006790C0 
  FFC2 003D .DSP                        bPO  #58 00000000 00DC45D0 0000 008CF110 
  FFC1 003E .ipp                        bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 007B2DC0 
  FFC0 003F .swmdrvr                    bHO   #0 00000000 00004E48 001E 005A0050 
  FFBF 0040 .Infra                      bPO  #21 00000000 00675820 0000 007B3970 
  FFBE 0041 .AppleCD                    bPO   #0 00000000 0054F6CA 0078 0092AA3E 
  FFBD 0042 .DVDRegMgr                  bHO   #0 00000000 00000000 0001 00E43420 
  FFBC 0043 .LeapIn                     bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 0060BB40 
  FFBB 0044 .LeapOut                    bPC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 0060BD20 
  FFBA 0045 .SPOWDRVR                   bHO   #0 00000000 0000461C 0006 006173A0 
  FFB9 0046 .Scanner                    bHC   #0 00000000 00000000 0000 012F65D0 
  FFB8 0047 .HDI                        bPO   #0 00000000 0089C690 001E 00DE3DC0 
  FFB7 0048 .AppleCD                    bPO   #0 00000000 00000000 0078 010C729A 
  FFB6 0049 .Houdini                    bHO   #0 00000000 00003950 0000 00DC0FA0 
  FFB5 004A .FWSBP2Expert               bPO   #0 00000000 01.00f01 0000 00E6E978 
  FFB4 004B .ElGatoSBP2TransportB       bPO   #0 00000000 01.00f00 0000 011B52B8 
  FFB3 004C .AppleSoundInput            bPO  #50 00000000 01.32f00 0000 00F5BC88 
  FFA2 005D .ASRToolbox                 bHO   #0 00000000 00000000 0001 00E006B0 
  FFA1 005E .PrinterShare               bHO   #0 00000000 000043A0 0000 00D94FF0 
  FFA0 005F .iomegaDriverATA_0.S v6.0.6 bPO   #0 00000000 00004474 0005 00E725D0 
  #96 Unit Table entries, #41 in use, #55 free
 Displaying resource information:
  >   Map $05D6CC84, flags $0000, file $022E = MRJPlugin
      Map $05D6CD5C, flags $0000, file $0096 = widget.shlb
      Map $05D28378, flags $0000, file $011E = Mozilla
   +  Map $000058E0, flags $001A, file $0132 = PowerPC Enabler 9.0.4
   +  Map $00005870, flags $801E, file $0003 = •ROM resources that override 
    S Map $00005A30, flags $000D, file $0002 = System
      Map $00002C1C, flags $001C, file $0342 = File Sharing Library
      Map $00004DB0, flags $001C, file $005A = Language Kit Preferences
      Map $00005814, flags $0014, file $016A = System Resources
      Map $00003920, flags $0000, file $014E = ATM OTF Support
      [Skipped $002D maps belonging to font files]
 Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  00000000    PPC  16C8043C  
  06D45740    PPC  16C6AE98  main+00130
  06D456E0    PPC  16C6A300  main1(int, char**, nsISupports*)+00A38
  06D45400    PPC  1694A49C  nsAppShellService::Run()+00018
  06D453C0    PPC  166713F4  nsAppShell::Run()+00048
  06D45370    PPC  16671B30  nsMacMessagePump::DoMessagePump()+0003C
  06D45320    PPC  16672138  nsMacMessagePump::DispatchEvent(int, EventRecord*)+
  06D452D0    PPC  16688820  Repeater::DoRepeaters(const EventRecord&)+00030
  06D45290    PPC  1664E3A4  nsMacNSPREventQueueHandler::RepeatAction(const 
  06D45250    PPC  1664E4BC  nsMacNSPREventQueueHandler::ProcessPLEventQueue()+
  06D451E0    PPC  16AF1418  nsEventQueueImpl::ProcessPendingEvents()+00038
  06D45170    PPC  16B51F1C  PL_ProcessPendingEvents+0004C
  06D45130    PPC  16B52048  PL_HandleEvent+00020
  06D450F0    PPC  1678C100  nsStreamListenerEvent::HandlePLEvent(PLEvent*)+00024
  06D450A0    PPC  1678D008  nsOnStopRequestEvent::HandleEvent()+0007C
  06D45050    PPC  167F37E0  
  06D45000    PPC  167A8048  
  06D44F80    PPC  16530360  
  06D44F30    PPC  1653058C  nsDocLoaderImpl::DocLoaderIsEmpty(unsigned int)+
  06D44ED0    PPC  165309E8  
nsDocLoaderImpl::FireOnEndDocumentLoad(nsDocLoaderImpl*, nsIChan
nel*, unsigned int)+00070
  06D44E70    PPC  1656B01C  nsWebShell::OnEndDocumentLoad(nsIDocumentLoader*, 
nsIChannel*, u
nsigned int)+001C4
  06D44790    PPC  16997108  GlobalWindowImpl::HandleDOMEvent(nsIPresContext*, 
nsEvent*, nsID
OMEvent**, unsigned int, nsEventStatus*)+00148
  06D44700    PPC  16139A60  nsEventListenerManager::HandleEvent(nsIPresContext*, 
nsEvent*, n
sIDOMEvent**, nsIDOMEventTarget*, unsigned int, nsEventStatus*)+0116C
  06D44510    PPC  16138700  
nsEventListenerManager::HandleEventSubType(nsListenerStruct*, ns
IDOMEvent*, nsIDOMEventTarget*, unsigned int, unsigned int)+00440
  06D442B0    PPC  169E951C  nsJSEventListener::HandleEvent(nsIDOMEvent*)+00268
  06D44190    PPC  16982964  nsJSContext::CallEventHandler(void*, void*, unsigned 
int, void*,
 int*, int)+001BC
  06D440D0    PPC  16B8DF5C  JS_CallFunctionValue+00028
  06D44090    PPC  16BA7894  js_InternalInvoke+000C0
  06D43FD0    PPC  16BA7654  js_Invoke+004CC
  06D43EF0    PPC  16BAE6A0  js_Interpret+06534
  06D43CA0    PPC  16BA75FC  js_Invoke+00474
  06D43BC0    PPC  1697CA88  ElementSetAttribute(JSContext*, JSObject*, unsigned 
int, long*, 
  06D43A30    PPC  168B1C04  NS_NewLocalStore(nsILocalStore**)+15004
  06D439F0    PPC  168C1930  NSGetModule+057F0
  06D43980    PPC  168C78A4  NSGetModule+0B764
  06D436C0    PPC  16871EB0  nsXULDocument::AttributeChanged(nsIContent*, int, 
nsIAtom*, int)
  06D43480    PPC  1687C4B0  nsXULDocument::RebuildWidgetItem(nsIContent*)+00098
  06D43430    PPC  168E3CC4  nsXULTemplateBuilder::RebuildContainer(nsIContent*)+
  06D433C0    PPC  168E3D68  
nsXULTemplateBuilder::RebuildContainerInternal(nsIContent*, int)
  06D432F0    PPC  168E9D8C  
  06D430D0    PPC  168C6808  nsXULElement::RemoveChildAt(int, int)+004B0
  06D42E50    PPC  16872500  nsXULDocument::ContentRemoved(nsIContent*, 
nsIContent*, int)+000
  06D42DF0    PPC  1607F420  PresShell::ContentRemoved(nsIDocument*, nsIContent*, 
, int)+00044
  06D42DA0    PPC  160915D0  StyleSetImpl::ContentRemoved(nsIPresContext*, 
nsIContent*, nsICo
ntent*, int)+00018
  06D42D60    PPC  1636F1C0  
nsCSSFrameConstructor::ContentRemoved(nsIPresContext*, nsIConten
t*, nsIContent*, int)+00A34
  06D429C0    PPC  163CFE8C  FrameManager::RemoveFrame(nsIPresContext*, 
nsIPresShell&, nsIFra
me*, nsIAtom*, nsIFrame*)+00020
  06D42980    PPC  16384E58  nsBoxFrame::RemoveFrame(nsIPresContext*, 
nsIPresShell&, nsIAtom*
, nsIFrame*)+000C4
  06D42900    PPC  1637BD4C  nsFrameList::DestroyFrame(nsIPresContext*, nsIFrame*
  06D428C0    PPC  16384B30  nsBoxFrame::Destroy(nsIPresContext*)+00098
  06D42850    PPC  160517CC  nsContainerFrame::Destroy(nsIPresContext*)+00054
  06D42800    PPC  1637B958  nsFrameList::DestroyFrames(nsIPresContext*)+00048
  06D427B0    PPC  16384ADC  nsBoxFrame::Destroy(nsIPresContext*)+00044
  06D42740    PPC  16423B44  nsContainerBox::SetLayoutManager(nsIBoxLayout*)+
  06D42700    PPC  16ADDC44  nsCOMPtr_base::assign_with_AddRef(nsISupports*)+
  06D426C0    PPC  164365C8  nsMonumentLayout::Release()+0000C
  06D42680    PPC  1641ED2C  nsBoxLayout::Release()+00040
  06D42640    PPC  16433328  nsTempleLayout::~nsTempleLayout()+0005C
  06D425D0    PPC  16434CE8  nsBoxSizeListImpl::Destroy(nsBoxLayoutState&)+00038
  06D42580    PPC  16432BA4  nsObeliskLayout::WillBeDestroyed(nsIBox*, 
nsBoxLayoutState&, nsB
  06D42540    PPC  16432CA8  nsObeliskLayout::Desecrated(nsIBox*, 
nsBoxLayoutState&, nsBoxSiz
  06D424D0    PPC  1641ACC0  nsBox::MarkDirtyChildren(nsBoxLayoutState&)+00018
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   06D427C8                68K   05A06BDA mberOfVi+06FE8
   06D427B8                PPC   1637B958 
   06D42798    06D42790    PPC   16437594 nsGridLayout::Release()+0000C
   06D42788    06D42780    PPC   1641F17C 
   06D42768    06D42760    PPC   16422E90 
   06D42758    06D42750    PPC   1641ED2C nsBoxLayout::Release()+00040
   06D42748                68K   16384ADE nsBoxFrame::Destroy(nsIPresContext*)+
   06D42708    06D42700    PPC   16423B44 
   06D426C8    06D426C0    PPC   16ADDC44 
   06D426B8                68K   05A06BDA mberOfVi+06FE8
   06D426A8    06D426A0    PPC   16ADDB9C nsCOMPtr_base::~nsCOMPtr_base()+00030
   06D42698    06D42690    PPC   16ADDB9C nsCOMPtr_base::~nsCOMPtr_base()+00030
   06D42688    06D42680    PPC   164365C8 nsMonumentLayout::Release()+0000C
   06D42658    06D42650    PPC   163D3274 
   06D42648    06D42640    PPC   1641ED2C nsBoxLayout::Release()+00040
   06D425E8    06D425E0    PPC   16AD3370 nsHashtable::Get(nsHashKey*)+00034
   06D425D8    06D425D0    PPC   16433328 nsTempleLayout::~nsTempleLayout()+0005C
   06D425A8    06D425A0    PPC   1636E420 DoDeletingFrameSubtree(nsIPresContext*, 
l*, nsIFrameManager*, nsIFrame*, nsIFrame*)+00274
   06D42598    06D42590    PPC   16ADDB9C nsCOMPtr_base::~nsCOMPtr_base()+00030
   06D4258C                68K   05A069E2 mberOfVi+06DF0
   06D42588    06D42580    PPC   16434CE8 
   06D42584    06D42580    68K   05A069E2 mberOfVi+06DF0
   06D42548    06D42540    PPC   16432BA4 
nsObeliskLayout::WillBeDestroyed(nsIBox*, nsBoxLayo
utState&, nsBoxSizeList&)+0001C
   06D42534    06D42530    68K   05819DFA
   06D4252C                68K   0566F686
   06D42528    06D42520    PPC   163BD6E4 
   06D42518    06D42510    PPC   163D3274 
   06D42508    06D42500    PPC   16ADDB9C nsCOMPtr_base::~nsCOMPtr_base()+00030
   06D424E8    06D424E0    PPC   16C52F70 operator delete(void*)+00014
   06D424D8    06D424D0    PPC   16432CA8 nsObeliskLayout::Desecrated(nsIBox*, 
te&, nsBoxSizeList&)+0007C
   06D424C8    06D424C0    PPC   16085068 nsStyleFont::~nsStyleFont()+00034
   06D424A8    06D424A0    PPC   16C53E20 free+00030
   06D42498    06D42490    PPC   1641ACC0 
   06D42468    06D42460    PPC   16C53E20 free+00030
   06D42448                68K   16B06652 nsString::~nsString()+0002A
   06D42438    06D42430    PPC   163D2BD8 UndisplayedMap::GetEntryFor(nsIContent*
   06D42428    06D42420    PPC   16C55BC0 
   06D4240C                68K   05A095DA mberOfVi+099E8
   06D42408    06D42400    PPC   16AFC840 nsStr::Destroy(nsStr&)+00024
   06D423F8                68K   057C04CA
 Displaying memory from sp
  06D423F0  06D4 2490 059D F388  057C 04CC FFFF FFFF  •‘$ê•ùÛà•|•Ã****
  06D42400  06D4 2440 0660 5AA0  16AF C844 05A0 95DC  •‘$@•`ZÝ•Ø»D•ÝïÐ
  06D42410  06D4 2480 05A3 EEF0  056F D6F8 0553 4880  •‘$Ä•£Ó*•o÷¯•SHÄ
  06D42420  06D4 2460 056B D5D0  16C5 5BC4 056B D5D0  •‘$`•k’–•=[ƒ•k’–
  06D42430  06D4 2470 05D3 5E10  163D 2BDC 0566 73E8  •‘$p•”^••=+ЕfsË
  06D42440  06D4 2480 059D F388  16B0 6654 064E C590  •‘$Ä•ùÛà•*fT•N=ê
  06D42450  06D4 2490 05D5 6CB0  0554 3BA0 0554 3BA0  •‘$ê•’l*•T;Ý•T;Ý
  06D42460  06D4 24A0 0614 948C  16C5 3E24 0669 DDE8  •‘$Ý••îå•=>$•iðË
 Displaying memory from 0
  00000000  FFC1 0000 FFC1 0000  0048 FB76 0048 FB78  *¡••*¡•••H°v•H°x
  00000010  0048 FB7A 0048 FB7C  FFC0 7CB8 FFC0 7CBA  •H°z•H°|*¿|**¿|*
 Closing log
Severity: normal → critical
Keywords: crash, dogfood
nav triage team:
nsbeta3+, P1, adding keyword regression.  Don't think this is dogfood, but will
leave that to pdt.  cc'ing ben and rjc
Keywords: regression
Priority: P3 → P1
Whiteboard: [nsbeta3+]
This happens on all platforms and looks like a crasher with <box>es... over to 
Assignee: matt → evaughan
OS: Mac System 9.0 → All
Hardware: Macintosh → All
Putting on [dogfood+] radar.  BLOCKS QA SIDEBAR TESTING!
Severity: critical → blocker
Whiteboard: [nsbeta3+] → [dogfood+][nsbeta3+]BLOCKS QA
This doesn't happen in my current build. Updating to the tip to try it out.
M18, although I can't reproduce this on MacOS 8.6.  I don't see why such an
obscure feature is dogfood, PDT guidelines say these should be P3, but I guess
the nsbeta3+ is valid.
Target Milestone: --- → M18
Comment from reporter: Seems to be gone in 2000090508 nightly. 
Sorry about the noise guys. I usually wait longer before reporting this sort of 
thing, but this one seemed pretty reproducable (it was around in Aug 31 thru sep 
2). Transient bugs like this are so frustrating.
I pulled and tried it out. Works for me as well. Closing this out.
Closed: 24 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Product: Core → SeaMonkey
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