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Reevaluate how line boxes store what frames are in the line


(Core :: Layout: Block and Inline, defect)

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It might make sense to have nsLineBox store either just an mFirstChild (and then figure out what frames aren't part of it by looking at its next sibling line) or store an nsFrameList::Slice or pair of frame pointers to represent its list.
Depends on: 512336
Blocks: 424715
The problem with looking at the next sibling line is that lines are circularly linked, right?  So we'd need to know what the "end lines" link looks like in the line box itself.  Or something.  It seems like it could get messy.
We talked about this already: use mFirstChild->mParent to get to end_lines().
That doesn't work correctly for overflow lines.
Remind me again why we need to find end_lines()?
Because to get the last child we need to get the first child of the next line.  Except we have to know when the next line is not a real line.
Blocks: 682052
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