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[1.1.6 & 1.7.1] Upcoming Events


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Filing as one bug because they'll be implemented by the same person most likely
at all once, so why require 2 patches?

* Upcoming events should be displayed in a box in the sidebar with the event name as a link, the date in short form, and the location.
* After the event's date has passed, the event should no longer be displayed
* The list should be ordered with the closest date first.
* If no events are upcoming, the box should be hidden.
* The icon shown in the mockup should not be included.

Admin Tool:
* Events are created, edited, and deleted via an admin tool. Each event has a name, link, date, and location. Events are not localized.
Assignee: nobody → smccammon
fyi, I got ahead of myself and created the html+css for this module for bug 512773
Attached patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Styles for the calendar can be found in the patch for bug 512773.

What do you think about changing the admin url from:

to: /admin/hub/stuff/morestuff  ?
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I'm r-ing because it's bitrotted (sorry).  Can you svn up and then repatch?

As far as renaming to /hub/, what happens when we make an admin hub so we can all hang out on it?  Or an editors hub?!
Attached patch v2Splinter Review
This patch is fresh as home-baked peach pie! (and it fixes some double-escaping issues found in v1)
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To clear up confusion, the future congregation places will be known as the Editors' Lounge and the Admins' Pad.
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That is fresh!  (still have double escaping on input error, but that's not a blocker)
Fixed in r51448, migration in r51449.
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