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Separate the "lock button" into "ecrypt button" and "digitally sign button"


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Currently in the compose window there is only a joint "lock button" with a dropdown-menu for digitally sign and encrypt.

Would be more convenient to have 2 separate buttons for activation/de-activation of
- digitally signature
- encryption

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This looks like a duplicate of bug 144402 - especially the last paragraph in comment 0.
I guess it's different from bug 144402
(e. g. I don't mean the send button; and I am requesting a separation of "encrypt" and "sign" instead of combining both in 1 lock button with a dropdown menu what is a little bit unconvenient).
This may be a dup, but while I'm here...

I agree that the button and the dropdown are not idea.  That dropdown takes laser precision to hit.

But rather than separate it, I'd like to see the drop down go away if we could fix up the security dialog:
-I'd like an easy way to set the sign/encrypt bits there.  
-I'd also like to see a way to change which cert I'm using. I have a particular customer who prefers that I sign emails with a cert they issued.  But that one chains to their own root, and that would be the exception, not the rule.
-I'd like to see that dialog show me what cipher and key length would be used (perhaps with a summary of low, medium, high)

There are probably better ideas, but that's a start.
Bryan ^^^^
Sounds sane to me, we just need someone to work on it.  Perhaps instead of a menu button we just use a menu so there isn't a default action associated with that toolbar button.  That change should be trivial.

is smime using pgp-like UI?

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I don't think this is relevant anymore.
We have an "encryption" button that allows selecting the encryption technology, and allows adding a digital signature independently.

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