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[1.2.7] Individual Case Study page


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Attached image mockup
Please see the attached mockup or section 1.2.7 of the spec for details.

* This is the page for an individual case study, of which there will be several.
* Note that the add-on used in the mockup is not necessarily an add-on we will actually use.
* The URL of this page should be /developers/docs/case-studies/{addon short name}
* Each case studies page will have an image (not necessarily its preview image), some basic information about the add-on, an element with links to the other case studies, and the case study content with various arrangements of text and media.
* The left info box should have the following:
** Developer link (static and not pulled from AMO db)
** First Released (static and not pulled from AMO db)
** Downloads from Mozilla Add-ons (dynamically pulled from AMO db). If the stats dashboard is marked as public, there should be a link to it.
** Link to the add-on's display page
** (do not include fields in the mockup not listed here)

Please implement the design of the case study content as shown in the mockup, and I will replace the images and pull quotes later with their actual content. The placeholder assets are here:
Assignee: nobody → fwenzel
Depends on: 513128
This patch styles the page like to mockup. I added a dummy case study text block. You can assign the class "pull" to images or blockquotes (or whatever else you like) to pull it out to the side.

Screenshot and rtl tweaks to follow shortly.

Fligtar: I'll check in the cooliris dummy images for now when clouserw r+es, make sure to remove these when you fill in the actual data.

Also, I did not implement "zoom into the pulled out image" functionality that the mockup is hinting at (cf. the magnifying glass). Do you need that? Unless it's vital, I'd like to leave that out for now.

Some more things, please speak up if I got anything wrong:
- The headline is "Case Study", always.
- The first, summary, paragraph is the same as the description text from the case study list.
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This flips the formatting for RTL. I removed the "curly quotes" for the blockquotes altogether, because I assume european-style quotation marks do not make sense in RTL languages. If there's a unicode character that I should use there instead, let me know.
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Individual case study page

This bitrotted at some point today, but I think it looks alright.
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Thanks. I merged it. The main styles are in r50884, rtl in r50885.
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