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Need a new icon for the windows installer


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We are currently using a default icon for our installer on windows, which is drawn in the Luna style.  It would be good if we provided our own customized icon, both so that it can be more specific to Firefox, include the full size of resolutions, and be drawn in a more modern style.
Will this make it for Firefox 4 release? And why only for Windows and not for all platforms, does others use such icon already?
Don't think this will make Firefox 4 since there has been no movement on this bug. The installer on Windows is a separate application and is not on other platforms.
I'm putting together a list of icons we need so that I can compare notes with Stephen. Even if Stephen doesn't have enough time (he has a ridiculous amount of theme work to worry about), we might get a design firm to create some of these.
Keywords: icon
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 4.0
cc'ing our designers for feedback.  Here's what I'm currently thinking:

The installer icon consists of a Firefox sitting in a box, and it is looking directly into the camera (and looking as cute as possible).  I want the installer to visually communicate that you have just received a Firefox (which is a friendly pet), as opposed to you are installing a boring old software application.  (For instance the current default icon we use is a CD-ROM next to a 90s era box of software).

We may want to also use a much higher resolution version of this image as the first screen of the install wizard as well.  I want the user's reaction to be "awwww" when they see the Firefox grinning at them.  This is the first moment the user has with their Firefox, and I want us to frame it as "this is your Firefox."
Keywords: ux-tone
Forgot to add, Sean has some recent work on sketching the Firefox's face that Stephen might want to leverage.
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I could adapt Test Pilot's Kit if we're keen on doing this. I wouldn't want to introduce a new version of the fox.
Alex, for my non-PC reference could you post a screen shot of the current installer?
>I wouldn't want to introduce a new version of the fox.

yeah, we would want this to feel consistent (colors, general shape) with the Firefox in the logo.  When I said younger I meant we could potentially represent that a bit in the eyes.

>Alex, for my non-PC reference could you post a screen shot of the
>current installer?

This is the current installer:

The new one will have fewer steps, and possible a different layout.  But either way the thing in question here is the icon in step 1, which is currently a box of software with a CD-ROM (the default icon for this type of installer).
Attached image Fox in a Box Sketches
Here are some sketches I did from when we talked about this a while back.
That up arrow wrapping paper is great :) 

I think we'll either need to have the icon (middle option), or just the head looking up.  Having the head turned on the icon just seems very strange to me, but I can't really explain why, I guess I'm spending a lot of time thinking about how the tail stays in position with that much of a head turn or something.
shorlander, is this something you would still be willing to create?
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> shorlander, is this something you would still be willing to create?

Yes! I don't, however, have a reliable time frame.
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