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Please change the current intro text from:

"Welcome to Mozilla's Build Your Own Browser (BYOB) web application, a web-based tool that allows you to lightly customize versions of Firefox that you'd like to distribute to other people. To get started, we require that you create an account and login to the application. All of the customized versions of Firefox you create with BYOB will be associated with, and accessible through, this account. Registration takes just a couple of minutes, requires information about you and the organization you represent, if applicable."


"Welcome to Build Your Own Browser (BYOB), a tool from Mozilla that simplifies the creation of lightly customized versions of Firefox for sharing with friends, family, and anyone else you'd like."

Per feedback, it's less wordy and gets right to the point.


Comment 1

9 years ago
Here's my kick at the can for discussion:

Welcome to Build Your Own Browser (BYOB)! This Mozilla web application lets you create and distribute customized versions of Firefox.

A BYOB-customized Firefox can include:

* personalized bookmarks and RSS feeds
* a customized toolbar background via a pre-bundled Persona
* links to a collection of your personally recommended add-ons 
* a choice of 10 languages

[Get started!]

Comment 2

9 years ago
Revised to:

Welcome to Build Your Own Browser (BYOB), the Mozilla web application that lets you create and distribute customized versions of Firefox.

Customizations to you can make with BYOB include:

* a browser skin/theme using a bundled Persona
* pre-populated bookmarks and RSS feeds
* links to a Collection of your recommended add-ons 
* multiple locales for Windows, OSX, and Linux

[Get started!]

(nb: personas should link to the site, and Collection should link to
r50688 & r50689
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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Comment 4

9 years ago
urgh. one typo

"Customizations to you can make with BYOB include:" should be "Customizations you can make with BYOB include:"

Sorry, Les


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