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We want to have a Theatre where open videos on add-on development can be selected and played. This will be linked from the Dev Hub nav bar, but videos hosted here will be linked from various how-to sections and treated as an external site.

* We will only use open video, and will not have fallback for browsers that don't support it.
* This must be in a single, static HTML file to be hosted on 
* Please see the attached mock-up. As we can't use PHP, everything will need to be done using JS.
* Implementation is up to webdev, but a JS array/object where videos and their metadata can be maintained is desirable.
* Upon selecting a video to be played from the list, the title, video, and description should be changed.
* The page should support selecting a video via GET parameter, such as
* If no video has been selected via parameter, the first video should be queued to play.
* Video should not automatically play back when the page is loaded, but if a video is selected from the list, it should automatically play.
* The page should use the AMO background image and have the same color scheme. We should use a static form of the dev hub top header and the only link at the very top should be a "Back to Developer Hub" link similar to the "Back to Add-ons" link in the hub.
* We will have at least 3 videos at launch, and I am working on converting them to ogg and writing the content.

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8 years ago
I forgot to mention that the reason we can't host these on AMO proper is that the video files would have to be served over SSL, which is silly.

Also, this page will not be localized.

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8 years ago
2 of the videos we'll be using:

Comment 3

8 years ago
I am cutting out the theatre, at least for the first phase. We were going to have 3 videos, but I decided one of them wasn't that useful and then after filing this bug found out that the other 2 are already hosted as open video on Design Challenge's website.

So until we have more videos, it's not necessary to have our own theatre.
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