Make code-coverage builds use GCC 4.3



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9 years ago
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(Reporter: Benjamin Smedberg, Assigned: catlee)


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9 years ago
In bug 512712 I upgraded mozilla-central and the project branches to use GCC 4.3 on Linux i386.  We should probably do the same for code-coverage builds, although I don't know much about the setup there and whether there is a special compiler being used.
I think there would be no issues with this upgrade. I do not remember a specific dependency on GCC version as long as the GCC and GCOV are from the same version.

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9 years ago
Is this a config change request, or a compiler upgrade on the build machine request?

Aiui, code coverage is run on the same slaves as other builds, so they should all have gcc 4.3.

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9 years ago
Config change, as in bug 512712. I just wasn't sure whether the new compiler worked for code coverage.
The latest run [ Dated 2009-09-06 ] still uses gcc 4.1.1 

Can you please make changes and start a special run so that I can verify if the results look good. As I have mentioned earlier, there should be no problem in the instrumented build mode with gcc upgrade [ I hope ]


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9 years ago
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Use gcc433 for code coverage builds
Assignee: nobody → catlee
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Is it done ?

Latest results seem not to reflect this.

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9 years ago
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Use gcc433 for code coverage builds

changeset:   1519:e7d220dbad99
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9 years ago
Next run will be using gcc 4.3.  Re-open, or file a new bug if there are problems.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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