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make places autocomplete empty search behavior customizable


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Right now places autocomplete restricts empty searches to typed history items. Fennec would like unvisited bookmarks to appear in empty searches, so I'd like to make that customizable with a pref.
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I decided to have the behavior be fully customizable rather than just additive to the default behavior, which allows more flexibility and is slightly simpler.
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So we ignore the default behavior/user preference (Privacy -> Location bar suggestions) when the user clicks the dropdown?

The only badness that can occur is if the user selects "Bookmarks" and clicking the dropdown will now show history.

(For the other cases, "History & Bookmarks" is actually "0" and "History" is 1 (?), so just using empty behavior will be correct because it's "33" (32 | 1) and covers both those cases. "None" just turns off the location bar entirely.)
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i'd just rename this._emptyDefaultBehavior to this._emptySearchDefaultBehavior

since the former is unclear without looking at the definition.
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have empty behavior inherit default behavior

fine for me.
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have empty behavior inherit default behavior


Add tests to test_empty_search:

You can use the pattern from test_special_search to change the prefs and search.
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with test

Want this for Fennec
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Is there any change here by using a different number for this pref?

1: history
2: bookmarked
4: match tag
8: match title
16: match URL
32: match typed

so you want 1+32 = 33
I don't understand your comment. The patch uses 33 as a default. That matches the previous behavior.
Yes, changing browser.urlbar.default.behavior to 33 will limit normal awesomebar searches to typed history items, if that's what your asking.
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