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L10n problems with send.php (SMS message for Fennec)


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The form sending a SMS has several problems that make it difficult to scale for locales:

1/ The message sent is hardcoded in the file:
$si->addMessage ($phone, "Download Mozilla Fennec at");

it should be a variable with a fallback to English so as to be possible to translate the message, like:

if (!isset($SMStext) OR empty($SMStext))
  $SMStext = "Download Mozilla Fennec at";
$si->addMessage ($phone, $SMStext);

2/ the text (fennec instead of firefox) and url (not working) should probably be updated

3/ send.php should be located in the includes/messagemedia/ so as to avoid duplicating that file for all locales. Internal urls used for redirects via header(Location:) should be updated to use the full url path with the locale code like:


(Since send.php does not include our template file, the $lang parameter should be sent via the form variables or extracted from the calling url)
I have implemented 1/ and 3/ in r51943 on a fork of send.php (sendl10n.php) that I am using for locales, would be probably good to incorporate these change to send.php and maintain only one version of the file though.
Depends on: 507202
Waiting on multi-local build URL to replace the stand-in URL in the SMS. Also the SMS copy "Select the link to download Firefox to your Nokia N900" will be localized in the multi-locale build languages. We should have this content end of day tomorrow or Friday.
Pascal, your version looks good.  I pointed the SMS form in en-US to use your version.  At the moment, that is this page,

I'll also use it for bug 526847.  Thanks for doing that.

I also updated the SMS message text per comment #2.


r55233 removes en-US/mobile/send.php
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