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'sent' is also in localized (german) version 'sent'.


(Mozilla Localizations :: de / German, defect)

Windows XP
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Should be 'Gesendete Objekte' or anything in that kind. Greets

Reproducible: Always
Component: General → de / German
Product: Thunderbird → Mozilla Localizations
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Where do you have "Sent"? In the 3-pane-window in folder pane? Or in a dialog box?

If in folder pane, is this in "Lokale Ordner" or in an IMAP account?
You can see here the Position, left in the Folder-List.

If i Run an new TB installation, do no imports, and abord the account wizard. 

If i then creat manualy an email account this sent appears after sending the fist mail with this new account.
Okay, so this is _no_ bug in German l10n. The string/entity is localized. There are several situations, where Thunderbird doesn't use the localized string for folder names, but he should do so.

In your case, Thunderbird doesn't recognize the folder 'sent' as the special folder sent (have a look at the folder icon - it should be a stamp-icon). Only the special folder uses the l10n-string "Gesendet". Have a look in your account settings. There in you can set the folder for sent items to the folder 'Sent' in your accounts hierarchy. This should lead to the stamp icon and the localized string.
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Your correct, but i just startet TB new, now it is autom. the stamp icon.
Thank you!
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> Your correct, but i just startet TB new, now it is autom. the stamp icon.
> Thank you!

And the folder name now is "Gesendet", I believe?

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We have bugs to track that -> for example Bug 492739
yes, thats correct!
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