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Compare SD-card Talos numbers to internal flash



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We have had 10 N810s running on test harnesses and flash cards for about 5 days now.  We should compare the tests to see if there is a noticeable difference in performance numbers.
maemo-n810-01, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 30, 35, 37 have been running on sd cards and test harness, maemo-n810-26 has been running only on test harness and maemo-n810-22 was running only on sd card
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performance comparison

Here is a comparison.  I can't guarantee that i have the same mobile-browser change set.  For the flash runs there were 3 options and i picked the latest one for the matching flash run.

It looks like there is a larger difference than i had found before.

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9 years ago
We are changing numbers here and changing the amount of variance -- sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Since I don't see anything that screams "markedly worse" and the sd cards will allow us to roll out new images faster, shipit.

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9 years ago

Txul -- 3700-3900 -> 3700-3900 about the same

Tgfx -- 515-527 -> 485-500 (drop ~30)

Tsvg -- 16200-17300 -> 16000-17600. 04 is an outlier, we should keep an eye on it.  Slight variance increase, though we're talking about more devices.

Tdhtml -- 3675-3760 -> 3550-3900 increase in variance

Ts -- 8200-8760 -> 8000-8800 slight increase in variance

Tp3 -- 6950-7200 -> 6850-7200 slight increase in variance

We're comparing the results of 10 sd card devices against 3 non-sd card devices against the same build over ~18 hours.  Again, nothing that screams markedly worse to me.


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