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Change Lithuanian language title in locale chooser


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Please change the title of Lithuanian language from "lietuvių kalba" to "lietuvių".
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the patch

The patch itself is fine and I have no problems with making the change.

I want Axel to give a thumbs up/down here too.
Let's see if we did something wrong on the generation of

Rimas, we've grabbed the list of language names from productDetails.php, that is, we use what is used on the website on

The website-locale switcher uses, which is saying "Lietuvių" with a captital l.

So we're having 3 different solutions right now for something that I'd call a choice of language, and I'd rather understand why we're making the difference before we make it.
OK, I'll try to explain. Not sure if I will succeed though since sometimes I'm not even sure myself why I preferred one form to the other.

Let's start with all the places where we use those language titles:
1) Product download boxes, e.g. 
       Windows (3.5.3, lietuvių kalba, 7.9 MB)

2) The list of languages in 
   and similar pages, e.g. 
       |  Language        ....
       |  Lithuanian   |  lietuvių kalba  |  3.5.3  | .....

3) Website locale switcher, e.g.:
     Kitos kalbos:              Other languages:
     [  Lietuvių  ↓]             [  Lietuvių  ↓]

4) Fennec locale switcher. I haven't seen it, but I guess it will be similar to 3) above, like this in en-US:
   Language [ lietuvių kalba ↓]
or this in lt:
   Kalba [ lietuvių kalba ↓]

Now the reasons:
1) is correct. I chose to say "lietuvių kalba" ("lithuanian language") there, because saying just "lietuvių" without the context seemed (and still seems) wrong, incomplete, and non-natural to me. It just doesn't sound well.

Now, 2) uses the same string as 1), so while I think it's OK to skip word "kalba" in that case and leave just "lietuvių" (because the column header already says "Language"), it's an either-or situation where I had to choose between leaving it in or removing it from both places.

3) should be "lietuvių", because the context is clear already. Lithuanians do not use capitalize language or nation names in the middle of a sentence, but I guess I capitalized it here because all other language names were capitalized already, so doing that seemed "fitting" to me. I don't mind having lowercase here though, especially if there were more lowercase languages, not just mine.

Now, this very bug is about 4). Again, we don't need "kalba" here because I believe this drop-down has a label (though I haven't seen it yet). And we don't need to capitalize "lietuvių", because it's not a first word in the sentence.

So, in summary, there are basically only two variants for this string: "lietuvių", where the context is explicitly mentioned, and "lietuvių kalba" in other cases.

Axel, I hope this answers your question. I'm also glad you cc'ed Pascal, cause I keep asking him to change my language name from time to time here or there. Pascal, I hope you understand my reasoning better now. :)
Ah, Rimas, good.

Some context:

There are screenshots in bug 516492 comment 12.

And we're currently generating the from our web data, I wonder how much real life difference we get between using the products or the langconfig. Pascal, can you check?

All use-cases I have in mind would probably be within an explicit "language" context, so using the langconfig might be closer.
product-details contains more locale names than langconfig since it contains all firefox locales past/present/planned and also locale names for langpacks. Langconfig only contains locales we have localized pages for on, that's the main difference in terms of items listed. There is a couple of locales with a capital first in one and a lowercase first letter in the other one, there is also a few inconsistencies (like 'Español (de España)' vs 'Español (España)') that don't have raised any alarm so far :)

I can treat lt as an exception for the generation of (patch is ready) and make it insert lietuvių instead of lietuvių kalba.
(In reply to comment #5)
> I can treat lt as an exception for the generation of (patch
> is ready) and make it insert lietuvių instead of lietuvių kalba.

That's OK as far as I'm concerned.
Pascal: technically, I think it's a download box that needs the exception. Getting it would probably be even better. ;)
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