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[faceted search] remove (or improve) the ORing of terms choice from the search results


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Thunderbird 3.0rc1


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The ( Match any of these terms ) button is confusing and wordy.  I'm suggesting we start simple by removing the option all together from the search results for now.

If time permits we can then try to improve the option and add it back.  My suggestion for improving the option is this.  When the search result set is small (I'm not sure what the constant should be) we offer to OR the terms in order to expand the search.  We can use a string like "Expand the search by searching for $TERM or $TERM or...".  This string will be appended to the search results list after the last item such a person who looks through the 4 results shown isn't satisfied they can click the link / button to expand the search for more results.
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I'll be at least removing a string and at most adding another one.
Whiteboard: [has l10n impact]
here's the first part that removes the button from the search results.  I'll push this through and then come back around for the second part once my other blockers are cleared.
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here's a quick updated patch; I noticed I forgot to remove the CSS for the button.
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