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Auto-multi-line mode of input on drag-drop is broken in Gecko 1.9.1+ (Firefox 3.5+)


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(In reply to bug 356295 comment #8)
> 6. I removed support for the drag/drop portion of the nsIClipboardDragDropHooks
> interface. It's hard to implement as it uses the nsITransferable interface, and
> it isn't even used anywhere in the existing code. Instead, callers can just add
> capturing event listeners if they want to trap and prevent drag events.

I am unbelievably angry about this point, particularly as there was a blatant disregard for the platform in the validation for this change.

This will probably need a version-check to avoid running the code twice on pre-1.9.1, and I'm not sure how easy it will be to share the code, since the implication is that things have changed in non-trivial ways.
I'm pretty upset about this regression seeing as I used to use this feature all the time back on SeaMonkey 1.1 and Firefox 3.0. It's pretty tedious and annoying for the user to have to either drag one line at a time into the textbox or be forced to use copy+paste as an alternative. The auto-multi-line drag and drop is much easier to use, and it's especially useful when you want to quote something in a channel without worrying about having to lose the contents of your clipboard by using copy+paste.
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This patch removes the references to nsIClipboardDragDropHooks, and sets up events to replace the functionality.

The hack from bug 332588 don't seem to apply anymore, so I removed it. The new drag and drop API only gives us the URL when you drop a link.
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Patch v1

While the new code doesn't look bad (though I've not checked it's right), I also don't believe ChatZilla has stopped supported pre-Firefox 3.5 Gecko versions, and therefore the patch is not acceptable as it breaks everything there.
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