Only unique plugins should be processed; QuickTime has 7 instances


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8 years ago
When creating the "browserPlugins" from the navigator.plugins object, we should filter out duplicate objects based on

Expected: One QuickTime plugin

Actual: We run through detection logic 7 times for QuickTime.

This does not affect the Mac OS X platform.

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8 years ago
Committing a fix to trunk, with several other changes to the code as well. r52481. 

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Thx, Austin; verified fixed on
OS: Windows Vista → All
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Interestingly, my QuickTime install had one .dll that was reporting a lower version number (7.6.2), with all the other ones reporting the latest version (7.6.4). The plugincheck page gave me two entries for QuickTime, one showing 7.6.2 and one showing 7.6.4, but suggested that they were both out of date.

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8 years ago
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Ted can you go to and then attach the output (select all, paste) and I will look into it. Also add what os and Fx version. Thanks.

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8 years ago
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Ted provided and about:plugins output -

The way we filter out duplicates from the navigator.plugins object is based soley on plugin name. We end up with 2 QuickTime because Apple puts the version number in the name.

The root cause of this is Apple's plugin install has a bug (AFAIK) and I don't think we should put in a special fix for this weird case, unless it's more widely reported.

*We should* push Apple to fix their iTunes / QuickTime update process to remove older plugins.
Yeah. It would be nice if it handled the "up to date" status of each of those versions correctly, though. In Firefox 3.5, it tells me they're both up-to-date, whereas on trunk it tells me they're both out-of-date.


2 years ago
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