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needpass should be incorporated into the prefs UI for individual servers


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ChatZilla should provide for a "Server password" field or something to that effect for every server that's listed in ChatZilla's prefs. Ideally it would go under General -> Identification somewhere under the Nickname field. Other IRC clients provide such a feature already, and it would be a lot more useful to have this feature rather than having to type in /attach <server>/?pass=<password> all the time for networks that the user doesn't autoconnect to.

It would be better to have it located under each server's prefs as suggested here rather than have it located in the autoconnect section; that way the password would be submitted to the server regardless as to whether or not you're autoconnecting to it.

Maybe the feature could be implemented as a checkbox that says "This server requires a password". Then when the checkbox is selected, the password field below it becomes activated so that the user can enter their password, and as long as the checkbox is selected for <server>, if the user types "/attach <server>", ChatZilla will always connect to the server using needpass and sending whatever password is supplied in the field.

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