Open Bug 519572 Opened 10 years ago Updated 6 years ago

Ensure test frameworks expect subprocesses


(Testing :: Mochitest, defect)

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(Reporter: benjamin, Unassigned)



If a browser hangs, the test frameworks currently just kill it off. Now that browsers are going to launch subprocesses, we need to make sure:

* if the process exits normally, there aren't any subprocesses left around
* if the process is killed off, there aren't orphan processes which could cause weird problems on future test runs

Not sure exactly where to file this, but it applies to mochitests/reftests/xpcshelltests, I think.
Blocks: 523094
Depends on: 523208
Depends on: 523209
Depends on: 523211
No longer blocks: 523094
We now do have mozprocess largely for this purpose (see, e.g., because I don't know a better reference).  It is certainly not complete and is underdocumented, undertested, and underutilized, but WIP.
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