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Build localized bookmarks data for multi-locale builds and use it


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We intend to ship a multi-locale build on maemo, and the default bookmarks should be boot-strapped with the right localizations.

We need to package that data in the chrome-% target of bug 519682, and then use it.
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Packages the default bookmarks in the locale jar, and loads them from there.
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Need to use libs realchrome rather than export.
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Patch works as expected on the n810 (built multi-locale with es-ES, switched my device locale to "Espanol - Espana", got spanish UI/bookmarks on first run).
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updated patch

r=me, thanks.
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backed out due to burning... will have to revisit tomorrow.
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Attached patch bustage fix? (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Burning was caused by jar packaging and my rule are both using the same target, and mine came after the inclusion of (so we were generating the file after trying to package it).

This fixes it be moving it back to export, and running export from the chrome-% target... I have no idea if there are bad side effects to doing this.
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bustage fix?

I guess this doesn't regenerate the bookmarks.json for each locale, I think you'll need something more like

> # Tailored target to just add the chrome processing for multi-locale builds
> chrome-%:
> 	@$(MAKE) -C $(DEPTH)/toolkit/locales chrome-$*
>+	@$(MAKE) export AB_CD=$*
	@$(MAKE) -B bookmarks.json AB_CD=$*
> 	@$(MAKE) chrome AB_CD=$*
> 	@$(MAKE) -C $(DEPTH)/$(MOZ_BRANDING_DIRECTORY)/locales chrome AB_CD=$*

I hope that the -B and the explicit call on bookmarks.json get make to ignore that it has the file, and regenerate it per force, as make --help says. Please verify that?
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Yep, that works, and ted confirmed -B exists in 3.80 in case that's an issue.
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Attachment #406625 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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better bustage fix

Now I think you broke the regular build. You'll need to keep the 

export:: bookmarks.json

for those. r=me with that fixed.
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