Saved Search behavior inconsistent with "Search Online" and criteria involving message tags



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I have a saved search folder set to include any items in certain IMAP folders where "Tags" "contains" "To Do".  When this search folder has the "Search Online" box cleared, it correctly behaves and shows me all of the flagged messages from the searched folders.  If I check the "Search Online" box, I get strange behaviors - if I tag a message "To Do" in the current session, it seems to appear in the folder, but older tagged messages no longer show up.  Even items that have been tagged "recently" seem to randomly disappear out of the folder.

The "Search Online" behavior seems to work properly for other criterion - I have another saved search folder with two Body filters and a Date filter, and it displays the same set of messages with Search Online enabled and disabled.

I have verified this behavior under Safe Mode, it is duplicated there as well.  I have waited with this saved search folder selected for extended periods of time to allow results to come in with no luck.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Tag some messages "To Do" (or another tag of your choice, just use the same one throughout).
2. Create Saved Search folder with "Tags" "contains" "To Do" as the search criterion, and some set of IMAP folders selected, containing messages with this tag.
3. Observe messages in the folder with the default "Search Online" disabled.
4. Enable "Search Online" - some or all tagged messages should disappear.
5. If all messages were tagged recently they may all remain visible.  Simply wait a while, or close and re-open Thunderbird, then tag new messages.  Either of these should cause the behavior to exert itself.

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7 years ago
I have this problem under Linux Thunderbird 3.x and 8.x also. It appears to be cross-platform.
"Online search for Tb's Tag" is done as "search of IMAP flag/keyword by IMAP command"(flag named $label1 if Tb's Tag of Important. "non Online search for Tb's Tag" is done on meta data held in local Mal DB.) So, online search result depends on returned response from IMAP server.
Can you get IMAP log?
> Win example : SET NSPR_LOG_MODULES=timestamp,imap:5
> IMAP command/response :
If log analysis by developer is needed, attach log file to this bug(never paste if long data) after remove/replace personal information from log file, please.
need info from traack
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