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ChatZilla needs better post history options


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While I was having problems getting CZ to work, I was playing with other clients.  One limited the history of past posts that you get when you type the up and down arrow keys to that of the current channel.  Now that I have CZ working, I find that might be nice to have--at least some of the time.  So here are my thoughts on the matter:

#If the user just uses the arrows by themselves, nothing changes.  CZ does what it always has.

#If the user presses Shift while pressing the arrow, CZ would limit its history search to the current channel.

#If the user presses Ctrl while pressing the arrow, CZ would limit its search to the current network.

#The last new option would require a new script to be installed and would not be present by default.  Basically, the script would let the user define some tags and apply them to channels.  Pressing Alt-Up would trigger the new tag search.  Left and Right would switch tags while the other arrows would do what is described in the previous items.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Give the focus to CZ's text entry bar.
2.Press the up arrow key a few times.
3.CZ will include posts from all channels, open or closed.
Actual Results:  
You are limited to searching through all the posts/commands you made.

Expected Results:  
Users should have more options like described above
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