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Search Disabled State is Persistent even after Uninstallation


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Fennec 1.1
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Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to
2. Click on Larry and save the search
3. Go to Options and disable the bugzilla search extension
4. Uninstall bugzilla search
5. go back to and install bugzilla search again
6. Go to the addons manager

Actual Results:
the bugzilla search extension is still disabled

Expected Results:
I'd expect the search extension to be set to default values once its installed again. A user is not going to re-install an extension and expect it to be uninstalled.
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Does it work if you close Fennec and restart?
(In reply to comment #1)
> Does it work if you close Fennec and restart?

As I'd be more likely to agree with the blocking-fennec? if it failed after a restart.
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Correcting the problem by removing the disabled state once we uninstall a search engine. My question is more, should we remove the disable state once we _uninstall_ a search engine, or once we _install_ a new one?
The second sounds better for me.

Also we have a little bug with the icon of the search engine when we remove it/add it quickly: it is too fast an the icon is not fully loaded before recreating the list which lead to a row in the addons panel with a missing icon.

These code parts are related to the XXX in the code (browser.js#1401/#1407), should I consider patching them also in this bug or open a new one? Again the second sounds more logical to me.
The core issue is bug 341833 - the search service persists "disabled" state across installs/uninstalls. That patch seems like a reasonable workaround.

You should file the other problem as a separate bug.
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Add a comment? Something like:

Make sure the engine isn't hidden before removing it, to make sure it's visible if the user later re-adds it (works around bug 341833)
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Adding gavin's comment. I don't think I can made something better than it.
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