Open Bug 520559 Opened 11 years ago

copying text from recalled history in input area resets position in history


(Other Applications :: ChatZilla, defect)

Windows XP
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(Reporter: wsmwk, Assigned: rginda)


trying to copy several lines of input area/command history, and every time I ctrl+c a line it makes that line the most recent line, resetting my position in recalling history and forcing me to arrow back through history again.

Per Silver, this is because "We keep the "last-edited" line at the end. ... any keypress we don't know about (up, down, left, right and tab) will make it reset the position. Trouble is, keypress occurs before the value has been modified, so we couldn't do anything as "simple" as checking if the text had actually changed."

I would like "last-edited" to not change when the line isn't actually edited. Alternatively, some function that allows one to view and pick off lines of only input history.
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