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Currently, there is no easy method to print a listing of existent bookmarks in the bookmarks library. In order to print a listing of bookmarks one has to perform the following steps:

A) Click bookmarks
B) Click organize bookmarks
C) Click the third star icon
D) Click export to HTML
E) Specify a location on disk to save
F) Click File | File Open
G) Specify the location on disk to print
H) Print the static HTML page

This is way too many steps and way too convoluted for a user who merely wants a listing.

You might be asking why a user would want a listing? I have a use case with my grandmother. She is completely unfamiliar with the concept of importing and exporting bookmarks to another machine. Feeling completely comfortable with writing out each bookmark she has, she would rather just print a listing to take to another machine. I feel that this is a necessary intermediary step towards then progressing towards a user to importing/exporting whom is unfamiliar with the concept.

Alongside my use case, her current mental impression was to have the bookmark sidebar open when printing a page (i.e.,  cmd-b | cmd-p | print) in order to perceptually believe to be printing a listing of bookmarks. Surely I can imagine there are other users out there who believe this too.

Steps to resolve? There should be an easier way to print a listing without the need to export. There should be a drop down selection somewhere in the Library window that exhibits this functionality. 

Perhaps this is a feature in hindsight for the revamping of the bookmarks library coming up.
you can copy a container and paste into a text editor.
Any other "print bookmarks" behavior would be better served by an add-on, we don't plan to add this feature to the core.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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