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[da] Choose search plug-ins for Fennec in Danish


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You've indicated an interest in participating in the localization of mobile Firefox (aka Fennec). We want to ship Fennec with a good list of search engines for Danish. As the technical details of implementation are being worked on, we'd like to start the discussion about the choice of search engines. This bug is about agreeing on a set of search engines, and will not tackle the implementation (at least not yet).

First, the localization team and Staś will look at the market for the locale and come up with a good set of search providers. The guidelines for making recommendations are on You're welcome to suggest engines already shipped in desktop Firefox for Danish, if they fit well in the categories outlined on the wiki.

For en-US, we currently use the following set, which may serve as an inspiration:
Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter.

Note that according to the guidelines, for some categories it may be better to leave them empty than to ship with en engine that's irrelevant or unavailable in your region.

After we decided on a particular search engine, we will need to test it in Fennec. You can test on a mobile device and on the desktop (download the builds from <>). Staś will help with testing on a device, too. If the service works fine, Staś will contact the owner and ask for permission, and for specifics like proper search flags. $name, we'll likely need your help to at least get the contact information if we don't have them already.

We don't know the implementation details yet, so for now, please don't create patches nor land anything. We will keep you posted as we figure out the how's and when's.

I'll take the freedom to remove answers, creativecommons, and eBay from list.txt to fix a bustage in the multi-locale builds. I know that Soeren can deal with that, so I'm not too worried.

diff --git a/mobile/searchplugins/list.txt b/mobile/searchplugins/list.txt
--- a/mobile/searchplugins/list.txt
+++ b/mobile/searchplugins/list.txt
@@ -1,7 +1,4 @@

is what I'll land., landed.

More investigation on the really right set here should still happen.
Hi Guys:  Just a friendly reminder, as we move closer to the general availability date for Fennec in mid-December, has your team had any chance to consider search providers?  Thanks!
As I said to you in bug 522997, Fennec does not have a Danish localizer, and it isn't even green on the dashboard. I know Søren Skrøder translated some of it back at the Mozilla/Maemo conference in Copenhagen, but as far as I know, no one has signed up maintaining the work. At the moment Firefox isn't even green, which is also Sørens table, so I guess he would have that as first priority over Fennec when he gets time. I don't expect any of the current Danish localizers to take care of Fennec, however if a new volunteer shows up, we will be happy to help him or her.
Hi guys...

Working on getting Firefox 3.6 green, I noticed that I could take a lot of the files from browser and toolkit and use them for mobile (aboutCertError, aboutRights, firstrun)...

In short - although I'm not "the mobile localizer" for Danish (*), I've completed the localization to a state where fennec10x should go green...

Currently, I don't have any bright ideas about what additional search plug-ins to include except that we will be including Twitter as well

*) Depending on how work there will be on /mobile and whether the terminology will diverge from Firefox "Desktop Edition", I'll decide whether I'll keep doing the /mobile part also...
Global general search: Definately Google
Reference search: Wikipedia, I guess
E-commerce search: Not quite sure. Taking what en-US has is probably best
Local search: I don't know any. en-US seems to use Yahoo, but I cannot see what is local about that
Social search: Facebook is THE social site, Twitter is up and coming and then there are some small Danish sites. I don't know if search makes sense of Facebook (I don't use it), so Twitter will probably be best.
Thanks to both of you.  Very amazing work and super helpful.

As I mentioned in the Fennec Web l10n bug, I may have another contributor who can pick up the work.  Provided you guys are OK with it, may I introduce him to you as someone who might pick up the web and product l10n for Fennec going forward?
Here's a patch resetting the mobile/searchplugins/ directory to a minimal set of search engines that we would like to ship your locale with. Please read this comment carefully before you land this patch.

*Important*: There has been a change to how we use the  <Description/> elements present in the plug-ins (see bug 528655 and bug 529869). We want to emphasize that the search is integrated with the browser to better reflect what a search plugin is and what it does. You will need to edit the Wikipedia plug-in before you commit this patch. Please read <> for detailed instructions.

For Google and Twitter, we don't have to copy the XML files to your mobile/searchplugins/ directory. Plugins identical to en-US are pulled from source automatically. It's enough to put the engine's name in list.txt for this to work (which I did). I also updated the Wikipedia plug-in to use a bigger icon, see bug 517997 for details.

Please edit the Wikipedia plug-in and commit this patch before you opt-in in the newsgroup. Opt-ins without this patch will not be taken. This does not mean that we don't want to include other search engines. On the contrary, the work and the discussion will continue in this bug until we choose a good set of search engines for your locale. Then, you will be able to opt in again, so that in the final release we include more search engines than the mineral set from this patch.

This patch is simply meant to reset your mobile/searchplugins directory so that we keep the repository clean and happy.

Thanks for understanding!
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Reset of Searchplugins - Correction of Wikipedia(da) and addition of

Thanks Søren. A couple of comments:

>diff -r a4023cf4d3f2 mobile/searchplugins/amazon-co-uk.xml

>-<SearchPlugin xmlns="">

Please don't remove the namespace.

>-  <Param name="field-keywords" value="{searchTerms}"/>
>-  <Param name="mode" value="blended"/>
>-  <Param name="tag" value="firefox-uk-21"/>
>-  <Param name="sourceid" value="Mozilla-search"/>
>+<Param name="field-keywords" value="{searchTerms}"/>
>+<Param name="mode" value="blended"/>
>+<Param name="tag" value="mozilla-20"/>
>+<Param name="sourceid" value="Mozilla-search"/>

Cosmetic: please keep the 2-space indentation.

>diff -r a4023cf4d3f2 mobile/searchplugins/wikipedia-da.xml

>-<ShortName>Wikipedia (da)</ShortName>
>+<ShortName>Dansk Wikipedia</ShortName>

Please don't change the ShortName, it's used by Fennec to check if the the plugin is already installed when the user visits That's the reason of the r-.

Søren, can you create a new patch addressing these comments, please? Thanks.
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Attachment #415154 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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NS fix, proper indent, annulled change of shortname

Thanks, Søren. r=me. Please land this patch on 1.9.2.

For the record, I talked with Søren on IRC about adding, hence it's in the patch.
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approved patch landed with revision:

Should I close this bug ?
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