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9 years ago
I'm not sure how to report this bug, but I figure it's worth a shot.

At one time, I had the following web app using an offline manifest:

However, when the manifest attribute was present on the <html> tag I started to notice that Firefox 3.5 would not show me the absolute latest, but a cached version (the link above is to the trunk of a SVN repo).  

Thinking the offline feature was broken in Firefox 3.5, I removed the manifest attribute from the <html> attribute for now.  However, Firefox _still_ refused to show the latest version from the web server.

I tried clearing browser history - this did not work.

I then tried fiddling with some about:config options:

browser.cache.offline.enable set to false
browser.cache.offline.capacity set to 1

The next time I tried to go to the above URL, Firefox gave me the 'offline' error message:  

Offline mode
Firefox is currently in offline mode and can't browse the Web.

I can browse to or other files in the repo without a problem.

My guess is that an offline version of SVG-edit is cached deep within Firefox and will not refresh itself no matter what I do.  This seems to mean that the only way to restore the proper behavior to Firefox is to start over with a new profile?

I will note that in all cases above, Safari/Opera/Chrome all showed me the proper version of SVG-edit (i.e. the latest).

This problem may not be reproducable, I don't know - but it is a serious problem.  Here is my best guess at how one MIGHT reproduce the problem:

1) Browse to this is a version of SVG-edit that had the offline manifest still present
2) Observe that the 7th tool on the left has a tooltip "Poly Tool [7]"
3) Then try to browse to
4) Has the 7th tool tooltip changed to "Path Tool [7]" ?

Comment 1

9 years ago
Ok, I tried one more thing:

privacy.clearOnShutdown.offlineApps set to true

Then I shut down Firefox and restarted it - and boom! the URL now shows the most recent code!

Comment 2

9 years ago
And I just realized that of course my 'reproducable' instructions will not work since the URL in step 1 is different than the URL in step 3.  Still, I hope someone will look at the code for this feature in Firefox and figure out if there's a scenario where the offline app gets cached in preference over connecting to the internet (maybe through a proxy server).
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