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(Reporter: joduinn, Assigned: phong)



Please reimage bm-xserve07 with our standard build image for xserves. 

For background, this was originally one of our machines, and we let MoMo use it for a while to help them out. They're now finished with it, so we need to scrub/reimage it, and put it back into our production pools. 

fyi: nothing to backup on the machine, and its currently off. Feel free to reimage whenever you are ready.

Below is signoff from gozer and additional info about machine location.

16:41:49 joduinn are you still using bm-xserve07 or can I get it back to help with my wait times??
16:42:37 gozer joduinn: nah, it's sitting there idle. If you need, you can take it
16:42:46 joduinn w00t!
16:42:50 joduinn thanks gozer
16:43:04 gozer joduinn: Nah, thank you guys for letting us have it for so long.
16:43:06 joduinn hmmm... is it now in MoMo network someplace?
16:43:20 joduinn Do I need to do anything special to get it back into MoCo build area?
16:43:21 gozer joduinn: VMWare Fusion / Xserve isn't a very wonderfull solution
16:43:30 joduinn :-(
16:43:34 gozer joduinn: Nah, as far as I know, is't in the moco racks somewhere
16:43:49 gozer joduinn: hrm, looks like it's not even up anymore
16:44:10 joduinn ok, I'll go investigate
16:44:26 joduinn thanks...
16:44:40 gozer joduinn: but have at it
16:44:59 joduinn gozer need anything backed up from it, or can I just reimage ?
16:45:13 gozer joduinn: nope, already backed up and all
16:45:16 joduinn cool
16:45:25 joduinn sharpens his axe
16:45:41 joduinn ...and whistles innocently :-)


9 years ago
Assignee: server-ops → phong
Flags: colo-trip+

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9 years ago
re-imaged and back online.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Can I please also be removed from nagios alerts for that box now that it's not mine anymore? Thanks!
Product: → Graveyard
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