-no-remote does not prevent remote open if no instances of FireFox running without -no-remote




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If there is no instance of FireFox running that does not have a '-no-remote' flag, one of instances with -no-remote will be selected (apparently at random) to open any remote open requests (e.g. you click on a link in another application). That instance will continue to be used to open remote URL requests even if a new instance is started without -no-remote.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
(1) Start a Firefox instance as normal:

% firefox &

(2) Start a second instance with alternate profile and -no-remote:

% firefox -P hacking -no-remote  &

(3) At this point everything works like you would expect when remote opening URLs from other applications in that they are all opened in the original instance.

(4) Now Quit the original instance.

(5) At this point remote opening URLs will all open in the second instance running despite the face it is running with -no-remote.

(6) If you restart your original default instance without -no-remote, all remote opens will continue being opened by the second instance with -no-remote.

(7) If you then Quit the second instance, remote URL opens will resume being opened by the re-opened default instance.

Actual Results:  
As described in steps to reproduce, instance of firefox running with -no-remote ignores that directive and begins opening remote URLs on request.

Expected Results:  
While the command line help for FireFox is fuzzy on what exactly -no-remote is supposed to do, Bug 325509 (referenced in the command line help) states that its intent is to "disable remote stuff"

Hence, I would expect an instance of FireFox started with -no-remote to never accept a remote open request.

I would argue the correct behavior, if a remote open request were made and the only instances of FireFox running were running with -no-remote, that request should be treated the same as if FireFox was not running.

This behavior is consistently reproducible across all versions of FireFox I've tried and across all platforms.
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