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[da] Fennec (Firefox mobile) Web localization


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You will find in bug #522973 instructions about the pages to be localized for the Firefox mobile release planned this quarter (probably November/December).

The files are on the SVN repository in your locale folder, preferably commit directly to SVN and once done, inform in this bug.

Alternatively, you can attach the files to this bug (either individually or as a zip archive).

If you attach individual .html files, please attach them with the plain/text Mime format.

news and instructions affecting all locales will be posted and updated if necessary in the master bug (bug #522973)

Just a note: I don't think anyone is localizing Fennec iteslf into Danish, and without it, a localized download site does not make much sense to me. And even if the product was in Danish, I don't think I would take on the task of the web localization for it. I did post a blog post asking for interested volunteers, but our blog is completely new and I guess it does not have many readers yet.
Jesper, I opened a bug for Danish for the 35 locales listed in Pike's Dashboard, we can completelky deprioritize the web pages for Danish until we have a volunteer to work on it, especially since we have many other web localization projects for products (firefox/thunderbird) we already have danish binaries for.  I would like to keep the bug open though, for future tracking. Thanks
Jesper,  Thanks for the update.  I agree with you and Pascal that we can deprioritize if we are totally certain no one can localize the product.  Makes no sense.  

If we learn that the Nokia team wants to ship the N900 in Denmark, I'll be sure to let you know so we can see if there is a way to do the product l10n.

as stated in bug 521984 #5, I've now taken care of the localization for Firefox Mobile (Fennec10x) so there is a localization ready, but I'm uncertain about whether I will be the maintainer of /mobile here-on forward...

Also, I concur with Jesper about needing to find a new resource to do the new Web localization, as we got a lot on our hands already ;-D
I may have found another contributor, and if you guys are interested, may I introduce you to him if he can pick up the web l10n and product l10n going forward?
Please do!
Firefox for Mobile is released and there was no commit on svn, the current
content is likely to change with new releases since it was mostly tailored
around the initial 1.0 messaging so marking this bug as incomplete. We can
reopen (or open new bugs in the future) if you want to work on Firefox Mobile
pages in your language as future releases come out and we get updated content.
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