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[pt-PT] Fennec (Firefox mobile) Web localization


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You will find in bug #522973 instructions about the pages to be localized for the Firefox mobile release planned this quarter (probably November/December).

The files are on the SVN repository in your locale folder, preferably commit directly to SVN and once done, inform in this bug.

Alternatively, you can attach the files to this bug (either individually or as a zip archive).

If you attach individual .html files, please attach them with the plain/text Mime format.

news and instructions affecting all locales will be posted and updated if necessary in the master bug (bug #522973)

i'm working on it
Carlos, the Weave add-on has changed name and is now called Weave Sync, I
replaced all occurrences of Weave by Weave Sync in your translations on SVN. Warning you in case the change of name implies syntax changes in the sentence for your language (I don't think so though) and to make sure you sync your local copy with these changes. Thanks
just to make the status of the localization
i' still working on the faq and features page. all the rest is done.
Carlos, do you think you will have time to finish the pages soon?
Finished translation. last files uploaded to svn at rev.66861
Thanks Carlos !!
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